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Friday, 24 August 2018

Hoodies. Bonfires. Cuddling. Fall is Near and There's Sew Little Time!

There really should be an 8th day of the week, called Sew Day. 

And all you do is sew without interruption. 

I know - living in a fantasy land, right??

Turning the Page: Sewing For the Seasons, I'm totally OCDing over Rebecca Page Patterns, and I'm sharing why (along with a few HACKS)! 

Read to the bottom to find out how YOU can win PRIZES at the end of our Blog Tour, along with a listing of my enchanting fellow Bloggers' Fall Wardrobe stories!

The Canadian Tuxedo Style

First off, things not to forget when you're headed to a photo shoot in the middle of nowhere: nice shoes. It was either my hiking boots or comfy sandals, so hiking boots it was.

But you know what made up for practical shoes? An amazing outfit!

My Canadian tuxedo style starts off with the Kingston Jacket with Add On features.

I made my First two Kingstons in April 2018 as part of my first pattern testing - but when I saw the Add On features, I had to grab it and make another jacket.

I opted for the following features:
- Exterior welt pockets
- Knit sleeve option
- Hood (duh!)
- Back panel ruffle

I love that the hood will keep my head and neck warm in the fall/spring seasons, and whenever Husband is driving with the Air Conditioning too high and my nose is ready to fall off it's so darn cold.

It is a single hood, but with two sets of hood panels, it could easily be sewn with a double hood, totally concealing any inside seams.

To work, or play? that is the question...

It's all in the details - the ruffle, hood, seams, waistband, and even the looks store bought!

...AND I hacked the sleeves to include thumbhole cuffs...because why wouldn't I have thumbhole cuffs for pure warm bliss on my poorly circulated fingers??

Paired with my Knee length Peggy Pencil Skirt and Classic Madison Blouse (which I haven't worn out yet!), I just love this relaxed combo ready for work or play!

Pretty in Pink

Vroom Vroom! Next stop at the cabin lot is adventures with the ATV!  

Geared up in my Riley Vest (with hood and pockets), Wrap Around Top, and Pippa Pants, nothing can go wrong. Right?

I love my new Pippas - and the stretch plaid is perfect for the fall weather. 

I opted for the flat front and took about 3" off the hem (I'm 5'2") for the perfect fit. 

Paired with a casual or fancy long sleeved top, hood or no hood, I am really loving this combination!


I love the details too - like the quilting (my first time doing it!). It may take a bit of time, but it's well worth the effort.

The welt pocket is the perfect size to keep my hands warm, and I was able to use some scraps for the pockets and interior lining. 

The pink fabric is actually an old blanket my mother-in-law's sister gave me from a fabric stash (two car loads of sewing supplies) this past summer. 

I knew as soon as I saw that blanket that it would be either the Amsterdam Jacket or Riley Vest. Riley won!

Now, my only mishap was the blanket fabric. It is SCRATCHY. 

Like Itchy and Scratchy scratchy. And not comfortable. 

So how did I solve that dilemma?  By cutting another collar piece (scrap knit), cutting a good inch off each edge, hemming the edge, pinning it on the inside, and sewing it onto the collar. 

OMG - what a difference that made - now my Riley is so beyond perfect!  

I Lava It (see what I did there?) 

Underneath the warmth of my Riley is the newest RP pattern - the Wrap Around Top

Perfect for the...forest?  Sure - I just go with the flow!  

It's really comfy with a rayon knit base, some lace, and breathable random thin knit sleeves. 

And this is what happens when Husband does silly dances while you're doing a photo shoot. Le sigh.

Wrap It Up


My final combo includes my Pippas and the Comfy Cowl Hoodie.

I am so delighted that I finally took the time to create the Comfy Cowl Hoodie

I am so in need of Hoodies since I've been working from my home office in the freezing basement, but with the lovely summer weather, it wasn't a priority. 

And now I'm in love!

The hood is a double hood, meaning it's lined inside, so you see no seams. 

And it's quite comfortable to wear as either a cowl or a hood. 

I used a really long shoelace I found (sorry Husband if it's yours!) for the tie, cotton lycra for the sleeves, hood, and pocket, and lightweight sweatshirt fabric for the main bodice. 

It was an easy sew, and I can't wait to make more of both the Hoodie and the Pants.

I must make a few more Pippas for the office - when my Migraine/Vertigo brain decides to behave, I definitely require comfy pants after working from home since March!

For all the patterns, I used the following fabrics:
- Random stashes given to me by family
- Okee Dokee Kids (Canada)

Now for the fun part - PRIZES! 

Please visit all the stops on the Turning the Page: Sewing for the Changing Seasons Blog Tour with Rebecca Page. Don't forget to comment on the blogs each day and enter a Rafflecopter giveaway for a chance to win some fantastic prizes from our fabric sponsors!
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And SALES (because who doesn't like a good sale??)

- Eloise (dolls, girls, ladies, bundle)

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Sew on!


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