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Monday, 18 July 2016

Meal Prepping Lifestyle Continues...

So we are almost 2 months into meal prepping.

And I've actually been exercising less because my bike spokes broke 3 times in a period of a month - twice after a full truing job by Bushtaka - who overtightening the spokes, causing my rim to bend after the first ride, and another broken spoke 4 rides after that.

And because we aren't made of money, the wheel budget means I ordered a new set of wheels ($40 more than just one wheel because they were 50% off and just made more sense) from England.  I can't wait until we get the new wheels installed (hopefully) this weekend.  I am SO itching to bike.

I really have to get back into the Beachbody workout groove - it's hard to get back into when you've been doing a totally different kind of exercise and are feeling a bit blah.

So despite this slump, I've gone down a pant size AND a solid 19 pounds.

19 pounds.

Just by meal prepping.

How crazy is that??

I'm 4 pounds from what I thought was an unattainable weight goal.  So I will go back with my original weight goal that I had at the beginning of my lifestyle change from October 2014.

I feel we didn't eat crappy before this, but meal prepping means portion sizes, no lazy weeknight take out food when I don't feel like cooking, and feeling full all the time thanks to lots of protein.

I am fitting back into old pants that used to be too tight - and my previous sausage legs are actually drowning in material.  Jeans that were not too tight, but flattering are now blowing in the wind and sagging as my caboose and thighs have shrunk.

Husband even commented that I'm getting my thigh gap back again.

These were tight and NOT loose at all at the beginning of May 2016

It's weird.

I've been working out consistently since October 2014 and have never seen such rapid progress.  I was stuck at one weight for months and months before we started food prepping.

I spend time on Pinterest each week looking at new 21 Day Fix and Beachbody meal plan ideas, and put together 4 meals (2 lunches and 2 dinners).  I use one or two meals that we have enjoyed before, and the remainder are new.

So I do get lost in the Pinterest Vortex a lot more often now that I have in the past. It's hard to escape.

My Hard Core Meal Prep ideas are here if you would like to follow.  I do delete recipes once I go through the links that have a multitude of recipes (and I only add the specific recipes we want to or have tried), or ones that just didn't taste good despite following the recipes.

I treat Pinterest like my email and keep it as organized as possible.

Not getting bored and having variety in menus is VERY important to our success, as I need to keep this interesting for longevity.

Honestly, if I could meal prep forever(or until we win the lottery and have a chef), I would.

By following step by step instructions for the first 3-4 weeks, I gained the confidence to just choose our own recipes based on what meat is on sale, or cravings.

I mean. We can have Shepherds Pie, Jambalaya, Shrimp, Fajitas, and more.  It's generally tasty, extremely filling, and obviously doing something for us.

See what we've been eating!

Breakfast does not vary - now we just have a fruit bowl & homemade oatmeal packs (stinky egg at Husband's work is not happening)

Stir Fry

Thai Chicken and Veggies

Veggies, Chicken, Meat loaf, Shepherds Pie

I usually cover this whole table by the end of prep day - this is half the table.

More veggies and Squash

Pasta broccoli chicken casserole, more Meatloaf, More Veggies

Last week we had stuffed peppers, fish, stir fry, lots of veggies.

So you can eat healthy and delicious foods all week long, spend 2-3 hours of your weekend prepping all the meals for the week, have a lot more spare time during the week, and enjoy life a lot more. Weight loss and energy is just a perk.

Before food prep...

One Month after food prep

Downsize Jeans last week!

Saturday, 9 July 2016

TopBox Review - June 2016

This is the first month where there is no paper card insert advising of the products - they did send a sneak peak on the day it was shipped.  I find this makes it a LOT easier to research the products by just clicking the link vs typing it in.  

Life is all about efficiency!

Spray ample amount onto desired area(s). Allow to absorb for approximately 3 to 5 seconds. Using your hand or minimally-abrasive washcloth, gently exfoliate in circular motion. Rinse with warm water (repeat if necessary) and moisturize accordingly. For best results, use 3 to 4 times weekly onto dry skin. Shake well before use. 
56.7g  $49  

Available at (USA) and/ (Canada)

This face peel is a cute spray bottle, to which a few spritzes on your face are enough to provide full coverage.

I normally use a Micellar water to cleanse my face before applying the spray, but this is not necessary.

Once sprayed on, I rub it in circular motions, particularly concentrating on my forehead and smile line areas.  

There is little to no scent, and my skin feels quite smooth afterwards - not what you would expect a facial peel to feel like!  

I leave it on for a few minutes while brushing my teeth, then rinse it off with warm water, pat dry, and apply my night cream. 

My skin has not reacted badly or broken out while using this - and the small sample bottle will last me for quite awhile due to the minimal amount actually required!

I prefer this before bed, as I have way too many things to put on my face in the mornings.  

At the price point though....I'd be hesitant at purchasing it - I have a variety of face masks that are about 1/5 of the cost that I adore already.

For a quick no-wash cleanse or an extra boost of volume, this dry shampoo leaves hair instantaneously soft and refreshed. Hold 10” away from the hair while spraying.  

156mL  $29  Available at professional salons.

So, I have tried another brand of dry shampoo in the past, and it left my hair feeling so gross feeling afterwards that I had no choice but to wear it in a pony tail.

Amika does it right!  

I spray my hair at the roots (about 8 spritzes to get full coverage), brush my hair out, and voila.

I can instantly wear my hair down, and it looks fresh, not greasy or oily.  It does not leave a white residue afterwards like other brands tend to. 

The scent is nice and light, and makes me feel like my hair is clean.

I have been using this after working out or cycling, or after coming inside from doing yard work.  It is like it instantly absorbs all the sweaty grossness being outside has on my hair, and makes my hair look awesome!

I will definitely be investing in this once my sample size runs out.

After cleansing skin, unfold mask and gently place on face. Relax & remove mask after 15-20 minutes. Don’t rinse- let your skin absorb the essence by massaging skin. Use 1-2 times a week.  

 Sheet for $8  $6 Pack for $36  

Available at
So I love my face masks. 

I saved Purlisse for a pre-bath pampering, and loved every minute of it!  

The mask is easy to place and very pliable - it's about 1mm thick, but does not feel scratchy once pressed down onto your skin.

I felt a light cooling sensation while applying the mask, and the scent was divine!  I love light airy scents, and this fits the bill.

I did feel like my skin felt exfoliated and vibrant afterwards - much better than other masks I have tried in the past.

Unfortunately, the price point is quite high - I can get a full container of clay face mask for multiple uses from Lush for the same price as one of these one time use face masks.

Revitalize, soften and soothe your skin’s dry, rough patches with this hydrating Sincerely Body Cream. An intensely moisturizing and deeply nourishing blend of Shea butter and sweet almond oil, combined with extracts of French bergamot and South African freesia, Sincerely Body Cream brings out your body’s natural luster, giving you silky smooth skin all day long. Infused with Harvey Prince Sincerely perfume. Suitable for all skin types. Hypoallergenic. Non-comedogenic.  
354mL  $24  

Available at

Meh. I like body creams that rub on smoothly with little effort, yet keep my skin feeling moisturized.

This particular cream fails upon application.  

It is a thick cream, and even when applying a small amount, it takes a lot of effort to rub it in - otherwise, it leaves white streaks.  

It's ok at keeping my legs and arms feeling moisturized, but it is nothing special.  I have a more satisfying result from my normal body butter or coconut creams.

I suppose if you have skin sensitivities or allergies, this may be the right skin cream for you. 

It's just not for me.