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Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Isn't She Lovely? The Rebecca Page Stevie Skirt

Isn't she lovely? Isn't she wonderful? I never thought we'd be making one as lovely as she. 

She is the Rebecca Page Stevie Skirt!

Stevie is a super quick sew that has a few fun features:
- Length choice - Mini, Knee, Midi, or Maxi length
- Knit fabrics only!
- No zippers or other fasteners
- Has a cute flare along the hem - making it flirty and fun!
- Comes in 18" Doll, newborn to 12 year old sizing, and Ladies sizing (with a super savings on the Bundle for all 3 patterns!)

The Knee length version really shows the sassy hem flare - perfect for twirling in!

I made mine from some stretch CL for both the band and the main skirt fabric. It honestly took me 15 minutes from cut to done - and this included ironing and hemming!

I paired Stevie with the Chloe Cami - what a super cute combo!  I added a tie for the Cami to ensure the flare at the bottom of the top was complimentary to the skirt flare.

The shoes are Miche Designs Pointed Toe Flats - easier to make than I thought!

My second Stevie was created with some sparkly velvet - which meant a cute mini skirt version!  

Again, it's a very quick sew with a flattering flow.

Get Stevie pattern for the little girls in your life, yourself, their 18" high dolls, or Bundle it up for all 3 patterns.

Sew On!

Friday, 14 September 2018

Come and Knock at My Door - Rebecca Page's Chrissy Crossover Has Been Waiting For You!

I love wrap tops and ruching - and the Rebecca Page Chrissy Crossover incorporates both!

Fun Fact: My nickname growing up (and that my parents and sister still call me) was Chrissy.

Much nicer than the Crystal Chandelier or Bow Wow I got at school.

She includes:
- Top, Knee, or Midi Dress Length
- Gathered or Smooth Skirt (below bust) options
- Optional Cami for modesty or nursing
- Optional binding or fold over elastic for cami straps
- No fastenings
- Ladies XXS to 5XL sizing

I paired my first top with my Paige Pencil Skirt, giving a more professional look to my outfit (or Shazam as those boots really rock!).

I used lightweight jersey (striped) and normal weight cotton lycra (plain fabric) from Water Tower Textiles, along with some scrappy European cotton Lycra filled with butterflies, flowers, and whimsy.

Note: the normal weight cotton lycra doesn't drape so well, so I don't recommend it for the front skirt if you opt for the ruching option - otherwise it will hang droopily and not be so flattering. The lighter the fabric for the Ruching portion, the more flattering and flowier it will be.

The bust portion requires NO fastenings and isn't going to be opening up on its own accord (yay!) - I did take 1" off the bodice portion as I'm 5'2" with a 35.5" full bust and 33.5" high bust.  Since the pattern is graded for a C bust, this was a wise decision.  I also learnt to reduce the bodice portion during my Meghan Wrap dress testing, where an inch of the height made all the difference of playing peek-a-boo or not.

I love the ruching on my top - it's perfect for large meal days, and I feel comfortable and alluring in it. Due to the body con fit of the remainder of the top, it also gives me more confidence. And hey, it's ruching - which means it's awesome! 

Again, look at my sleeves - I'm in love with this fabric I got during a blitz fast finger auction at Okee Dokee Canadian Fabrics a few months back.  Sure it was a scrap, but I can do a lot with scraps, and rarely have anything created from just one fabric alone.  This means lovely co-ordinates -and I want ALL the fabric, so buying 2 metres of one fabric means I miss out on 1 metre of another...I rarely buy 2 metres of consistent fabric - there's just too many to try out!

My second top is pretty nerdy, but I love it.

The fabric is from Zenith and Quasar - a quirky fabric company based out of Tennessee.  I won a Facebook sew-a-long recently, and part of my winnings included a lovely gift certificate to try out Z & Q.

Again - SO many fabrics, I opted for a surprise box (5+ yards of whatever they want to send me), and this nerdy cartoon organs ( heart, lungs, kidney) and lime green super soft better-than-spandex fabric were calling to be made into Chrissy.

Fact: I used the cut off border from the custom fabric - the white band usually gets cut off, but I felt it made a good inbetween for the lime green and organs - so I left it on. I also lacked 1" of the organ fabric, so just went with it.

This is SOOO comfy in a softer silkier fabric vs my already comfy cotton jersey fabric version.

I'm thinking next season, it will be the perfect cycling jersey!  Just add a water bottle pocket to the back, and voila.  The ruching will hide my winter belly, and I'll be totally stylin' on the bike paths!

I also paired Chrissy with my amazing-butt Pippa pants.

Overall, it's an easy sew, the ruching is easier than you think, and fabric does make all the difference in the fit and feel.

You NEED a faux wrap top in your wardrobe - and you can't go wrong with Chrissy!

Sew On!

Sunday, 9 September 2018

Whatever Lola Wants, Lola Gets!

Lola wants to help your legs look like they go on for days, without taking away the comfort factor. 

5 out of 4's Lola Shorts, Capris, and Pants Pattern will make your behind dazzle, and can be created with a multitude of fabrics.

She includes:
- Lightweight and Drapey Knit OR Woven fabric options
- Shorts, Capris, or Pants lengths
- Optional Belt Loops and Waist Tie Belt
- Optional Pockets

I opted for ALL THE OPTIONS. Especially pockets. You can never go wrong with pockets. 

My first Lolas are the Capris version

Created with flowy silky fabric (think silky pyjamas), I can get away with wearing these Lolas out for a night on the town, or lounging on the couch snuggling up to Husband (actually, more likely a dog who refuses to move from the couch).

I think they make my behind look nice. 

They'll make your behind look nice too! 

AND they have POCKETS! So you can put your hands, spare change, or your phone in a pocket for safe keeping.

They were a quick sew, and have a paperbag-effect waistband, leaving you wondering where the  zipper is. 

Fact: No zippers have been involved with Lola.

She's all about comfort and fashion! 

My second pair is shorts from random suiting fabric given to me by my Mother-in-law's sister when she moved in the Spring.  The fabric flows, and these are the perfect office to after-work drinks shorts! 

I paired both pants with my Stella Top - which happens to have stretch lace straps instead of fabric straps. Making this Stella comfy and a bit sultry!

Overall, with the belt and pocket options, these bottoms are a must have for all seasons.

Can you imagine nice stretch velvet flowy pants for your staff Christmas Party? Or Silky pants for that Cruise you're going on in the Winter season? 

Oh yes - I went there! 

Grab Lola now before she runs away!

Friday, 7 September 2018

Honey, I'm Home! The Vintage Rebecca Page Apron Pattern

I would be the worst 1950's woman ever - I'd get fired pretty quickly. 

I like a Roomba on each level, the dogs to eat the food that falls onto the ground, and loved the little amount of rain we had this summer so our gardens and bushes didn't require too much pruning.

And my Husband can get his own goddamn sandwich!

BUT I do love being adventurous in the kitchen, which leads to my clothes becoming a disaster in the cooking storm before the calm of a new exciting meal.

Hence the most recent FREEBIE Rebecca Page Vintage Apron Pattern!

With the frills and fun factor it entails, it serves a practical purpose in the kitchen (or garden), but can also be a great pinafore for a costume or Cosplay fun as well! 

It has a beautiful flare - and is great for larger scraps of complimentary fabrics!

I used 3 different fabrics to create my Ode to John Deere apron - fabric courtesy of my Mother-in-law's sister when she cleaned out her sewing room this spring. This fabric works well at our camp where people drink Bud Light and we ATV around in our best Pyjamas and the occasional Unicorn Float (really...Husband did this)

Proof of Husband driving the ATV with the Unicorn.

I love the layers - they flow well together, and no actual gathering is required! 

The most tedious and time consuming part was the hemming of each layer of the apron skirt.

For the yellow patterned version, I pressed each hem and sewed (no binding) - and there was no bunching, even though I didn't use Wonder Tape - so that's pretty nice with a curved hem.

For the John Deere Version, I went all out and used binding to enclose the hem edge - it took some TLC, but the end result is really pretty.

The waist band and neck band tie up into bows, and were long enough for me to do this without a lot of effort. The neck band can stay tied up and comes off over my head easily once the waist band has been untied.

This Apron would be fabulous not only for your own kitchen, but for gifts - especially with Christmas around the corner.  You can make one for each season!

And remember - don't mess with a girl and her kitchen doo dads - you never know how she will react! 

Sew on and grab your Apron Pattern for FREE here!