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Monday, 24 June 2019

Be Yourself - 5 out of 4's Taylor Racerback Tank Top, Tunic, and Dress Sewing Pattern Review

Just be yourself.  

There is no one better. 

What better way to express yourself thank sewing your own clothing?  

The 5 out of 4 Taylor Racerback Tank Top, Tunic, and Dress Sewing Pattern definitely helps me sew up some flattering tops in a jiffy, so I can feel free to be me!


This top comes with a few options:
- One piece back
- Gathered back option
- Top, Tunic, or Dress Lengths

I LOVE the look of the gathered back, and will definitely be adding more to my summer wardrobe!

I graded as normal, from Small to Large with 5 out of 4 Patterns, and the fit is perfect. 

I am always concerned about racerbacks, as they tend to pull on my neck and shoulders, causing more than my normal daily pain. 

With this racerback, I can wear it all day long and honestly not know I'm wearing it. The armcycle is comfortable and doesn't dig in, and the tunic length is perfect for pairing with leggings. 


The flowier the fabric, the happier you will be with this top - a denser or stiffer fabric definitely won't have the same flow and would look quite boxy.  So avoid liverpools, medium density Cotton Lycra, and similar feeling fabrics. 

Sewing wise,  the instructions are easy to follow, and perfect for beginners. 

I've worn both my workout bra and regular fancy bras underneath, and they haven't shown outside of the racerback straps, so you shouldn't have to wear a special bra to prevent it from showing underneath the top. 

I'd definitely add this to your wardrobe and sew it up immediately - you won't regret the Taylor Racerback!

Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Dragons, Dragons, Everywhere! The Rebecca Page Dino Dragon Stuffed Toy Sewing Pattern

Always be yourself.
 Unless you can be a dragon.

Then always be a dragon!

I love whimsy and magic – dragons, fairies, and unicorns.

Rebecca Page brought out the whimsy in me with her Dragon(and Dinosaur) sewing pattern – and gave me a great way to use all this felt I was gifted by my aunt-in-law a few years ago.

Included in the pattern are options for:

  • Making a dinosaur or dragon
  • Spine horns
  • Feathered Wings
  • Head horns
  • A mix of Hand sewing and glue gun, or machine and hand sewing – whichever way you want to create your creature with!


These dragons are SO adorable - and worth the time and effort they take to make.  I love that it's the perfect lazy-day sew - with my trusty glue gun, little scissors, felt, glitter, and embroidery thread. 

My blue dragon was 100% to the pattern with respect to making the dragon.

I love the different colours I used, and the end result.

Now, this pattern is time consuming, so get ready to Netflix and Chill!


Cutting out all the separate felt pieces, ironing double sided interfacing for each piece, and a mix of glue gun work and hand sewing.


But the end results are rather magical!

I doubled up my feathers on my 2nd & 3rd dragons, for a more dramatic wing effect - and added glitter, because GLITTER!  

I did find that stuffing the tail in small sections after every 6 stitches helped me stuff the 2nd & 3rd dragon tails a LOT easier than sewing it all up, and THEN stuffing the tail. I did the same with the body - a little bit of sewing, a little bit of stuffing - and there were no stretched stitches or uneven stuffing doing it in this manner. 

Overall, it would be a great summer project for the kids, fantasy lover, or someone like me who is working on their eye-brain co-ordination and keeping track of the little detailed things in life again. 

Grab yourself some dinosaur and dragon magic here.

All my Rebecca Page Stuffies!

Tuesday, 4 June 2019

Let's Go! The Rebecca Page Tote Bag Sewing Pattern Review

I love reusable bags - just not the quality of the ones at the grocery store check out. 

The Rebecca Page Tote Bag Sewing Pattern has provided me with a useful grocery, travel, and tote bag that not only looks cute, but has many POCKET options. 

You all know how much I love pockets. 

The options the bag includes are:
- Plain with just straps
- Front and back pocket options
- Plain inside
- Interior zippered pocket (one or two)
- Interfaced, thus stands on its own

My first bag uses scrap cottons for the strap, lining, and pockets; and the exterior is a cute Unicorn/Llamacorn fabric I found at Walmart. 

It can hold my Rebecca Page Unicorn Pillow - so you can see it's a pretty decent size both in height and width. 

My second Tote is made from an old cotton sheet (the floral orange), scraps for pockets, and a cute sleepy Llama/Bear/Sloth fabric, also found at Walmart. 

I love the pocket placements and sizes, and the whole sewing process is relatively simple and pain free. 

It's well worth the extra touches to include the zippered interior pocket, exterior pocket(s), and topstitch both the top of the bag and handles. 

My final bag is made from a baby fleece and cotton fabrics - I didn't use interfacing in this version, so you can see how it droops (like a normal grocery tote), especially the interior. 

There's nothing wrong with that either - just be aware the lining won't be taut as it is with interfacing.

 Overall, it's a recently quick sew, and the instructions are easy to follow for the novice to advanced sewists. 

Grab your Tote Bag pattern here, and sew away!