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Sunday, 31 May 2015

Max 30 - Max Out Power (Month 2) Review

I didn't work out or bike for 2 days due to pure utter exhaustion from my 9-5 shift last week.

This shift literally kills any energy I might have.  I still go to bed and wake up at the same time, but I leave home an hour later than normal, spend on average an extra 30-45 minutes in traffic due to more congestion, and I'm falling asleep in the car before I even reach Bayshore (with another 20km to go).

I get home, and either have a quick snack before we go biking and eat LATE (i.e. 8pm or later), or I get home, and have to make dinner or we end up with hot dogs or go out as I'm too exhausted. I am done. I have issues staying up past 8pm these days.

I try to work out before leaving for work these days, but literally couldn't keep my eyes open or energy level up enough on Thursday or Friday.  I barely made it through those days at work.

My body does ok on a schedule.  Take that normal schedule away, and stick me in an exhausting situation in the morning, and that sets me up for failure. I'm a mess. My vertigo returns, I usually get sick as my immune system screws up, brain fog returns, and a slew of other CFS symptoms.  Dealing with rush hour traffic for an hour to get to work vs the normal 2 stop commute to Tim Hortons-drop off Husband-my work in 40 minutes does it to me.  I do not recover at all these weeks (every 4-5 weeks).

Saturday afternoon, after I'd recovered from our 40km morning bike ride, I was jonesing for a workout fix!

Welcome to Month 2, Insanity Max 30 - Max Out Power with Shaun T!

My Body is My Equipment.

This routine is like Month 1's Tabata Power, but the moves are 45 seconds each with 15 seconds "rest" in-between.

- Slap Jack Jump - Up/Back  - I definitely need more co-ordination for this move - it's like rubbing your belly and tapping your head at the same time.

- Slap Back Jump - Side/Side - This move was easier as it was side to side

- Low Squat Plunge - Up/Back - My burning thighs!!  I was stuck in low squats going up & down!

- Low Squat Pulse  - I spoke too soon, as this move burnt even more as the squats were low with a 2" pulse movement - 45 seconds of pure pulsing!

- Chair Hold - My thighs burnt on this hold after the low squats.  No pulsing, just holding a chair squat for 45 seconds.

- Plyo Push Up Jack  - Diamond push-ups switching to regular push ups

- Arm Jack Push Up - A pulse at the top of the push up - I felt better at push ups today (for now)

- Push Up Pop - This was a closer hand push up with a pop or jump of the arms at the top - great for shoulders!

- Step Out Push Up - Diagonal Push Ups - this is my favourite push up move.  Yes, I said favourite and push-up in the same sentence.  I'm now certifiable.

- Knee Plyo Push-Up - Regular push ups alternating with diamond push ups - fun!

- 4 Count Knee Push Up - ohhh the burning!

- Pike Up Extension - Pike plank into a superman with sideway arms.

- Wide Push Up Extension - Wide push up with a superman (with sideway arms) at the bottom

- Low Plank Pike Up - 45 seconds of sphinx plank while moving alternating legs to the side.

- Ski Down Abs - I love this move on my lower back - it was a great stretch.

- X-Abs - Definitely a good one to keep the core tight - extend arms & legs into an "x" while on your back, with head/neck off the ground

- Backstroke - A nice oblique move while moving your arms from above the head to side - similar to the backstroke.

- Burpee Lunge - That was as hellish as it sounds.

- Squat Lunge - Squats with alternating back lunges - ow!

- Frog Jump Burpees - Jump up with a burpee on the bottom

- Lunge Pulse - Owwwww!  Pulsing Lunges - 'nuff said!

- Wide Burpee Jump Suicide - Oh my hips!  Anything burpees = bad

- Iron Legs - Alternating back lunge topped off with a butt squeeze

This workout was completed in Modified Mode (don't dis' it - it's still tough - my joints can only take so much, and plyometric moves are not what my body can take), and burned about 439 calories.

30 minutes. 30 minute work outs.  They rock.  And I have no excuses.

May this upcoming week be super for all - treat every day as a new beginning, challenges and all.

Saturday, 30 May 2015

Happy 7th Birthday, Gideon!

We love our Rhodesian Ridgeback, Gideon.  He's turning 7 years old today!  

It feels like he has been with us forever, yet not long enough.  

Our first glimpse of Gideon's litter
We had 3 breeders to choose from.  Meeting the first breeder felt like a really bad date - I'm not sure why - they were just rather snotty for no reason and we felt like we'd done or said something wrong afterwards.

The second breeder had all these awards and championships to show us, but something didn't feel right.  Their dogs were also extremely aloof - never a good sign for a well socialized puppy.

The third breeder was JUST right.  We loved them instantaneously, and (we feel) vice versa.  Their dogs were amazing, and they lived only 20 minutes from us (a feat considering we lived in the middle of nowhere, Chesterville, at the time).  

As soon as Gideon's mom became knocked up, we had his name chosen before he was even born.

As soon as we were able to visit the puppies, we visited 2-3 times a week - we were both excited, and literally there was nothing to do in Chesterville after work.


Puppy swarming!!
We gave the breeder our top two puppies that we were interested in, and a few days later, we were told we were taking home "White" puppy.  Each puppy had a coloured collar - each different - so they could tell them apart.

It's a boy!
We were so happy that he was ours 

So much love to give!
That is the beginning of the Gideon Story. There are many more stories. Many more blog days!

The dog who hopes he gets another Birthday Cookie today :)

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Max 30 Month 2: Day 1 - Max Out Cardio

This man is insane.  Every time I think to myself, "How could he possibly make this workout more challenging," Shaun T does it again.

Working on some of the basic moves from Month One, he adds in Twists and Turns (literally).

Credit here

At the beginning of Max Cardio, the crazy workout group had their crazy faces on - and we hadn't even broken a sweat 30 second in (usually by minute 2, I'm feeling it).  They smile insanely, taunting me with every move I make.

Yes. 7 months after starting to workout (almost) daily, I still do modifier moves.  I blame stiff muscles and my CFS.  But don't knock modifier moves - it just means there aren't any Plyometric (aka jumping) moves.  You still sweat, feel it, and work your behind off - literally.

The Workout.  Max Out 30 - apparently burns 424 calories as per my average finds online (I don't have a calorie workout thingamajigie). I beg to differ with the amount of dripping sweat 2 minutes into the warm up.

The Moves - 3 rounds of each move in 30 second intervals:

- 1-2-3 Soccer Juggle - I like this move for the hips, and it reminds me of that time I was on a soccer time (briefly) with my friend Katy.  And how bad I was at juggling the ball with my feet.

- Balance Kick Back - WHOOOOO (that's all I'll say about that move)

- Speed In & Out Abs - Kind of like Mountain Climbers - I'm ok with this move.

- Low Plank Side Punch - It's as awesome as it sounds.  It's like a Spinx Chest Press with a Punch at the end while in Plank Mode.  Now I sound all athletic because I described a move with other moves.

- Low-High Switch Kick  - It's a good twist on the original Switch Kick - he's secretly working the abs with this move

- Plank To Squat - I think this might be worse than Burpees

- Moving Slap Back Jump - My burning thighs!!

- 10 and 2 Punch - I enjoy this move - it encorporates your abs & hips with a punch at the end.

- Floor Hops - My arms are jello in a plank, but my hips are loving the stretch - such a conflicting move!

- Lunge Punch Kick - My God!  It's a lunge with an upwards full body twist and a punch at the top.  I feel today's workout will involve a lot of punching.

I was so into the workout, that I didn't event notice when Shaun T took his top off - he takes it off with some lame excuse every time.  I'm not complaining.

- Oblique High Knees - Standing up Obliques with high knees just in case your abs missed the oblique twist.

- Sprint Jack - Whew!  Good Cardio!  I like this move.

-Pike Up Oblique - An upward dog plank with opposing spider at the plank side of things. I can see this being fun next time?

By the end of it, even my ears were sweating.


15 minutes later, still red faced and sweating.  

 Until tomorrow when I review Max Out Power - I fully anticipate holding and slow moves in this workout.

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Little Successes - The Fight with Jeans No More!

My pants test is to see whether or not I can get them past my big arse hips without unzipping them.

I have one pair of work pants (my "big" pants) that I can finally do this with again, and this week - my pair of "big jeans" came off without unzipping them!

"Big Jeans" 
My problem area - my hips, thighs, and behind. Thank you, Genetics!

These are the areas that are getting fit last.  So my pant legs are looking baggy, but I still can't squeeze into my smaller pants...YET!

I follow my progress based on measurements, fit, and my faerie tattoo - where is her wing and the dragonfly? The goal is to get them back to where they were before I lost my fitness motivation.

Hopefully I can fold these jeans up (and the other 3 in my current rotation) up in lieu of my smaller jeans collecting dust on the shelf within the next month or so.

Slowly but surely.


I did miss 3 days in a row working out.  Once I can't remember why (yay brain fog), the following day was due to a bridal dress fitting for a wedding I'm in in August, and Friday I got home and Husband wanted to run errands - we didn't get home until after 9:30pm and I was spent.

So back right at it Saturday afternoon and again this morning.

I missed Shaun T, but I did NOT miss Tricep Curls.  They are my toughest move and one day I will finish them all without Maxing out!

This is ALL I can think about when my Triceps are screaming in agony:

Until my next workout and post. Take the little victories each day has to bring you and make each day better than the last!

Peace out!

Sunday, 17 May 2015

My Longest Bike Ride - Ever!

So, the furthest I can remember biking is no more than 20 km in a round trip.  Really, it's all my awesome mountain bike and I could do on road or paved path trails.

When I lived in Port Credit (Mississauga), I would rollerblade once a summer with my friend Shea, from home to Union Station and beyond - about 25km.  But We would Go Train back home.  And there were lots of food carts around so we could fuel up along the way.  Why once a summer?  We forgot each year how achy our bodies felt the next few days thereafter.

Annual rollerblade trip to Union

I think I'm currently stronger than I have ever been thanks to discovering Tony and Shaun T (yes, preaching the Beachbody workouts AGAIN). But as I've mentioned before, my Mountain Bike...made me feel weak peddling away.  The first two weeks of biking, I could NOT catch up to Husband.  I felt so slow and unfit.

Now 4 weeks later, after struggling to barely make it 18 km, we did it.  We made it to the edge of Downtown Ottawa!

We used to see Moodie and Highway 417 as the end of the ride before turning around.  Like the pathway on the other side of Moodie was the Dead Zone full of Zombies and monsters that would slow us down and eat us for dinner.

One of our first goals with new speedy bikes was to make it past Britannia Beach on a weekend.  Now we can do that on a weeknight!

A few weeks ago, we struggled to make it to the Ottawa River Parkway Beach.

So our goal yesterday was unspoken, but one we had spoken about over the last 4 weeks since Speedy Road Bikes came home with us.

We kept riding past our normal turn around points...and it just happened.

We sat down on a bench outside the War Museum, fist pumped our success, had our granola bars and snuggled for a bit before deciding we had to venture back home.

We made it!!

We slowed down when we needed to catch our breath, sped back up when we'd recovered, and just zoned out.

It took us 1 hour and 4 minutes to get there, and only 1 hour and 11 minutes to return home.  Average speed was 22.2 km per hour.

Pretty good considering neither of us has ever biked that far.

The day neck is slightly sore, my trigger thumb for the gears is a bit sore, but the rest of my body does not feel like it biked so far.  Boo-yah!  I must be doing something right.

And I slept the whole night through and even remember dreaming.  Most nights I wake up constantly, don't remember dreaming, and just give up sleeping part way through.

Maybe I'm finally on the road to recovery and finally defeating the CFS beast!

And now having a new goal - beyond 50 km!

Friday, 15 May 2015

Release The Hounds! Adventure on The Pipeline!

I love that I can say, "Release the Hounds!" and we actually release our own hounds!

We are owned by two gorgeous Rhodesian Ridgebacks - Gideon (almost 7) and Fynn (5) - otherwise known as Good Dog and Bad Dog.

Good Dog (Gideon) was lovingly raised by his breeder -  exposed to excess love, cuddles, and positive reinforcement from Day 1. 

He's perfect.  He's the reason we love Ridgebacks.

Bad Dog (Fynn) was rescued via Power of Attorney 2 weeks after the breeder (who had Dementia)'s friend came over and found 10 puppies in the basement kennel with their mom.  We found out we were chosen to be albe to rescue one of these pups on my Birthday - they were born on Husband's Birthday.  It was fate.  They were 14 weeks old by the time we had two to choose from in Ontario, and Fynn chose Gideon at the rescue (Batz, growled at Gideon - Fynn licked Gideon).

We know very little about Fynn's background other than his parents were both first generation Ridgebacks from Africa, and that they were rarely handled during that crucial puppy rearing stage. 

Without going into too much detail, it took Fynn a year to be able to sit in the same room with us. Another two years before he could be trusted outside his kennel while we were at work. Another year to learn that it's okay to ask for pets.  And he's finally full snuggle mode with those he loves and trusts.

If you're afraid of Fynn or give off bad vibes, however, he will NOT be your friend.  He will not like you.  And he looks pretty scary when he's not your friend. 

As our awesome trainer said - he will be hte best dog he can be.  He'll never be perfect.  But he definitely tries so hard.  We work with him every day, and are helping him reach his full potential.

So after being owned by Fynn, any other dog would be a walk in the park!  It's stressful, anxiety ridden, but rewarding and awesome. 

Gideon is a people dog. Fynn is Gideon's dog. Fynn would be lost without Gideon.  And Fynn is also the annoying little brother figure to Gideon. 

So many puppy stories - for more blog posts!


The Pipeline is where we used to bring the dogs once or twice a week when we lived in the Middle of Nowhere. 

It's this awesome Gem of a place which our Breeder introduced us to. There are ATV trails, an empty field, and the dogs absolute LOVE to run there.

I hadn't brought them there in ages.  But had a random Wednesday off (I work an extra 22 minutes a day to get the second Wednesday of each month off). 

It's 7am on my day off, and I wasn't in bed. I was in the car driving with the dogs to the Pipeline.  45 minutes later, we were there.   there weren't any other cars parked, and I couldn't hear any ATV's, so off we went. 

They bolted.

They were SO Happy to just be running and chasing each other, and I was so happy to see their Happy Tails wagging!

Because of Fynn's anxiety, we can't free-run them in places strangers (and dogs) might be. 

Their recall is still strong - Fynn recalled like a Pro everytime I called him.

I'm coming Mom!
Closer Mom!

Mom is SO proud that I came back!
Gideon's tail was wagging during our entire trek.

Mom!  I'M SO EXCITED - Come Chase ME!!
But our journey eventually came to an end :(

Happy Puppy Bums!

So my plan is to see if there are any non-busy ATV trails near Arnprior, Richmond, or Carleton Place so we can take them more often without worry of running into anyone else. 

If all else fails, there is a really big field and small trail nearby that I can bring them to if we go REALLY early on a weekend morning - likely before Husband wakes up.  I'll just bring hot dog bits with me, just to ensure their recall is retained. 

Until our next adventure! 


Monday, 11 May 2015

Keep on Trekking - You've Fallen...Get Right Back Up!

With my CFS, it's like a rollercoaster ride.  I have good days, and bad days.

I believe there is a light at the end of this rollercoaster ride.  That one day I won't feel so fatigued and all the side effects along with that will be gone.

Why aren't I stuck in bed all day long? How do I keep getting up each morning, feeling totally unrefreshed as though I have not slept at all?  On those really rough days, how do I not curl up into a ball and just cry out of pure desperation to feel better?

I just keep going. If I don't keep going, I will stop and become a blob in this world full of grief and sadness.  I had too many younger years of that.

Yes, I blog about all the awesome active things I do.  Do I WANT to do them everyday? Nope. I'd say 1/3 of the days I REALLY have to push myself to just do it. Some days my workouts are half assed - but I get up and do it.  I'm constantly stiff and sore most days, but I know it's doing me more good than bad.  My body is my machine, and I have no excuses now not to keep it in its best shape I can.
Seeing myself sleep (circa 2007) really makes me want to sleep

No Excuses.  I say that a lot.  But it's been my motto for the last 8 years or so.

It applies to more than just no excuses for not exercising or making healthier eating choices.

It's about life choices.  Sh#t happens sometimes.  Sometimes you feel you're on the rollercoaster of life and you can't stop it from going forward.

You know that feeling.

I had that feeling signing my first mortgage papers (not with Husband), and I couldn't stop it.  My life flashed before my eyes and it made me sad and sick (not happy and excited as your first house buying experience should be).  I couldn't stop my hand from signing that paper.  When the ride stopped...I felt SO alive - like I'd escaped that rollercoaster car that was going to fall off the track at any minute.  I escaped, and thought - no more excuses.  I was only pissed off when EVERYONE around me seemed to tell me they were glad that rollercoaster ride was over - WHY didn't anyone tell me to take a step off the platform at any given time? Why??

I went hang gliding a month later.   Super awesome experience and so freeing!

Trip to Niagara with Husband in 2007 
If I see anyone on a major rollercoaster ride that is about to teeter off, I ask them to take a step back and take back their many people make excuses why they have to continue on the ride that is making them so miserable.

Life is too short for that kind of misery - and the excuses are just that.  Excuses.

I just want others to be happy like I am - and not douse themselves in misery they can change (not easily or without challenge, but it can be done).  My choices weren't always easy - I haven't been without challenges.

Life might not always go the way you planned, but you do have a Choose Your Adventure choice at each turn.  Some roads are more difficult than others, but so rewarding at the end of the tunnel.


Today, we made no excuses for a non-life altering morning.  Husband and I went on a more technical Mountain bike trail, despite the fact that it was 10 degrees outside, sort of rainy, and just not a nice day.  Within 5 minutes, Husband stopped his bike over some more difficult terrain, and I veered off the side to get to the other side of the path.  I would of made it, had a large stick not embedded itself in my chain.  The bike flipped forward and to the side.  and I fell off in a pile of mud.

Two choices could be made. Getting mad and turning back (aka an excuse), or the alternative.

Despite the pain in my thigh (a 7" x 4" sized bruise on my left thigh and my shoulder being a bit bumped up), I laughed, Husband helped me up and took the stick out of my chain, and we pedalled on.

I fell, and I got back up.  That's just what I do.  I'm like a bulldog, and just keep on trekking through life. No one else is going to do it for you.

Then it started raining more.  Okay, it poured.  The rocks were getting slippery, and Husband couldn't see (he wears glasses).

This really was a good time to make an excuse.    That whole safety thing.

We biked 3.5 km and 30 minutes.

Boo to cold weather for the day!

It was AWESOME overall - I had so much fun, and haven't technically ridden my mountain bike in several years.

I can't wait for the next ride :)

Now for the settling in of my epic thigh bruise!

Sunday, 10 May 2015

The Trouble With Rosco...

We have an 8 year old Black Headed Caique named Rosco.

Rosco when he's nice.

I was babysitting him for his breeder about 8 years ago while she was on vacation, and fell in love with his Caique Antics. He never did go back to the breeder.

Back then, there really wasn't of lot of information about Caiques beyond how much fun they were and that they may be a bit nippy. I could deal with this.

Unfortunately, after a babysitting incident while I was out of town, my sweet Rosco (only 9 months old) went from all giggles and fun to a raging lunatic. I opened his cage door when I returned, and he lunging himself at me, literally biting me multiple times. I was in such shock, I had no idea how to react.

The look of rage and anger in his eyes was awful. I left him in his cage for a few days to let him cool down, thinking it was just me being away for the long weekend.


A year later, and our relationship no better despite my attempts to earn his trust back, I was untrusting of him, and he of me. when I did trust him, he would at times instantly get this glimmer in his eye, shake his head, and he would bite me (not just a nibble, but bite to hurt - multiple times if he had the chance). I found a Caique Forum online, and it wasn't just me. Most of the Caique owners suffered similar plights with their Caiques. 

So I wasn't alone in this, and it really wasn't me - but the overall species.

Rosco evil eyes trying to eat the camera

I warn anyone looking at Caique babies and their cute antics to read about the Bad and Ugly aspects - there are way too many of us out there and so much information out there now vs 8 years ago.

People who REALLY want Caiques, and say they can distance themselves from them emotionally when their bird turns on them...really have no idea.  You really can't take offence to their Jekyll/Hyde personality, and have to learn how to evolve your relationship - it will never be the same as it was when they were cute babies.

I spent one summer without Air Conditioning in a snow suit so he could hang out with us and we didn't have to fear when he turned and bit us. He opened the door to and attacked my sister's Budgie (who thankfully just lost all of her tail feathers and mutliple wing feathers). He has flung himself at me when I open his door in the bird room and aimed to bite (there's a 50/50 chance of this when it's time to come out)

I do the flinch kind of like an abused person does when their attacker is attacking them.

I have tried calming teas, calming powders, spending time with him in his cage and me in the bird room, time with him out of his cage until he looks like he's about to fling himself at me.

I can't trust him with the other birds. he hates Husband (and clucks at him when he sees him - less now, but I have been called upstairs a few times to rescue Husband when Rosco comes to the bathroom door looking for trouble.

He has been like this for almost 8 years now. We had less than 6 months before he turned (around 9 months old).

I feel like we're never going to be friends. I don't trust him. He doesn't trust me.

Sure he gets great food, fresh veggies & fruit, a variety of toys, a cage full of fun (I sold bird toys for 5+ years, thus lots of fun for him), but he is just so angry so much of time time. He sounds happy and chatters with our African Grey & Cockatiel, so it's really just us he doesn't like I suppose. He is fully feathered, says, "Step Up, Merlin, No, Yes", and is a little piggy.

 So yes, I am doing much right, but I feel like a failure to him that he holds so much anger inside still.

I want my pets for life, but I also don't want to fear one. It's exhausting.

I don't know what else to do. It's so mentally exhausting some days.

Rosco as a cute baby - when he was all nice and stuff

Then we have a GOOD day.  A good day like yesterday.  It was cage cleaning time.  

He has taken to projecting his anger towards the broom - he will leap on it, and attack it. So it seems to be the enemy instead of myself and Husband.

I got him on the broom to go to the bathroom (we have a shower perch for the birds) while I cleaned the cages and room.  Afterwards, I felt brave.  I put on Husband's really super thick red hoodie and approached Rosco.  I asked him if he wanted to step up.  He looked at me, cocked his head, and said, "Up Up," holding his foot up.  His eyes weren't pinning, but I could tell he was being as cautious as I was.

He stepped up. He looked shocked. I WAS shocked (it has been months since he has stepped up for me).  Away we went to his cage.  As soon as he was safely in his cage, he got a great Avian Organics treat!

He didn't look angry. He looked at me, I looked at him, and we knew we had a good day.  

Maybe it's because I'm stubborn, or knowing that most people wouldn't have the patience to deal with his crap, but I don't feel I'd be able to just give up on him. Some days I really want a break from him for a few months to see...but what if he's just as angry with everyone else?  

I think we'll work together daily now with the thick red hoodie - even if he's on my for only a few seconds or minutes at a time - it's something. 

If you have any Caique-Specific training tips, that would be fabulous!  I just want him to be happy.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

I'm not a pro at Nutrition. I recently started using the My Fitness Pal app on my iphone to help determine what I'm eating and how to get my Protein up, as I felt I had hit my plateau.

I seem to be on par with what MyFitness Pal states, but upped my protein ever so slightly to get that additional boost.

Lucky enough, 2 years ago when I started seeing Dr. Marie, I cut out most bread, sugar, and crap, so my overall diet base was ok.

But when I look at what I eat, if I work out once a day and bicycle, it's REALLY tough to figure out how to eat all those additional calories I burned. I literally eat all day long. 

My typical day is like this:


- Healthy Instant Oatmeal Pack (I make these up a couple times a month, and just add boiling water - instant breakfast)


- Chick Peas

- Spring Mix Greens

- Celery

- Calorie Wise French Style Dressing

- Bell Pepper


- Indian Butter Chicken w/Mushrooms

- 1/2 cup of White Rice

And Snacks....ALL DAY LONG:

- Cucumber

- Carrot Sticks

- Pretzel Sticks

- Almonds/Pumpkin Seeds/Sesame Seeds/Peanuts (1/4 cup total)

- Coffee (1-2 cups) w/Stevia

- Strawberries

- Grapes

- Banana

I might have some nachos with Salsa or healthy homemade granola bars (46 calories each), and dinner obviously varies. We've cut down the dinner portion sizes, and I eat my snacks throughout the day. This is about 1600 calories total, minus whatever my exercise is for the day (350-1350 calories depending if I just work out or also bike).

I tend to snack less on weekends, as I'm not sitting at a computer desk all day long (giving me time to think about multi tasking aka eating), so some weekends I end up getting anxious that I need to eat 1000+ more calories if we've had a good ride and workout. That's a lot of healthy food to eat!

We do try our best to not have crappy junk food in the house - as we know we will eat it.

Husband has taken to having vegetables and pita with Hummus. I have homemade almond butter chocolate in the freezer for when I have sweets cravings. There are so many alternatives to food that just sits in you and makes your entire body feel like fatigued crap. Due to this, if we do eat something that's not so healthy and whole, our bodies let us know. It's awesome!

The point is, you can eat healthy and not starve yourself to maintain a healthy diet for life, not for "just until."
And remember...

Monday, 4 May 2015

Insanity Max 30: Friday Night Fight 1...on a Monday??

So despite yesterday's workout activities, My legs and body actually feel pretty good.  A bit of stiffness, but I also pushed myself pretty hard this weekend.

I only had moderate vertigo and actually remembered most of my words today!

You know what I really look forward to each day?  My workout program.  It's a really bad habit I hope not to get rid of.

So because I started Insanity Max 30 on a...not sure which day of the week - not Friday - today's workout was Friday Night Fight 1.  This will be my final Max30 full workout lowdown for another few weeks (until Round 2 starts). I'll just have to yammer on about other life events or awesome Max out times until then.

Insanity Max 30: Friday Night Fight 1:

Each move is in 1 minute intervals.  We only have three 30-second waterbreaks during the next 30 minutes.

- Hop Hop Runner - I can feel this (good) in the back of my thighs

- Plyo Power Knee - Oh my hips!  I did have good balance throughout though.

- Switch Kick Punch - WHEEEE! Lots of power going on here!

- Wide In & Out Knee Taps - Kind of like a lunge and plank at the same time

- Med Ball Twist - I love this move for the hip stretch.  And Shaun T was quiet for the last 10 seconds.

- Moving Cross Jump - Great for the arms & abs - I'm the ULTIMATE FIGHTER! RAH!

- Speed In & Out Abs - A really sweaty version of mountain climber.  Or that could just be me.

- Scissor Stance Jack - It's like a standing oblique crunch - Shaun T loves his abs work!

- 4 Jab 4 High Knee - Great all over body workout move

- Tricep Dip Reach - Tricep Dips have to be the move I need to work on the most - I'm getting better, but man, it is the toughest move!

**Shaun T just took his shirt off and stole someone's water.  Oh, Shaun T!

- Hit the Floor - Wow, my abs and hips can feel this move!

- 2 Jab 2 Tuck - I need more co-ordination with this move, but found my groove pretty quickly - fun move!

- Burpee Lunges Alt - I hate Burpees!

- Ab Attack - I need more co-ordination with this move too - holy sweat!

- Wide Pike Ups - Legs and Abs can feel this!

- 10 and 2 - There's the thigh move I was looking for!

- Squat Kick - Wowwee wow wow!

- X-Jump X-Plank - these may as well be Burpees.  Jerk.

- Plank Toe Tap - Different king of abs move - I liked it

*** Shaun T just said "Sometimes Shaun T doesn't like Shaun T"

- Knee Diamond Pushups - If I had a favourite kind of push up, this would actually be it.  I must be insane now. For reals.

- Split Lunge Punch - I can feel it in my behind!

- Plank Punch - Yes!!  I did this move without modifying!

- Move Squat Jab - Whew, that was another good Unmodified move!

- Punching Abs - I really just don't get this move, so I took my shoes off in time for the cool down

I really prefer the cool downs with Max 30 vs T25 - it's less awkward.

I burned about 446 calories with this workout. Possibly more, but I guesstimated based on 3-4 calorie burn reviews from others online (who had monitors, vs me, who does not - not an investment I'm willing to make at this time).

Oh, and I got my T25 T-shirt today.  The Free t-shirt *is* why I workout afterall.  A bit disappointed that it's 100% cotton vs the Dri-fit shirt my P90X3 shirt was, but it fits, no one else I know has it, and I EARNED it!  That's something to be proud of.

And to think, only a year ago I was slaving away in the Dungeon making bird toys 5-6 hours a night + I'm living life.  It was a Bittersweet time of life.

Nailed it!

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Sundays are For Rest? Systic Doesn't Rest - She does Max30 Tabata Power & Bikes FOREVER!


I took it easy this morning.  I dawdled actually.  I had coffee, did some Interweb surfing, had breakfast, finished the wedding scrapbook (2 of 2) that I've been working on since we got married (5.5 years ago - I blame owning a successful bird toy making company for most of those 5 years aka no time),,,

Then I decided to work out about an hour before Husband was supposed to come home from work.

Insanity Max 30: Tabata Power (as opposed to Strength, which I reviewed earlier this week)

According to Shaun T, my body is my equipment.

Tabata is 20 seconds working out with 10 seconds jogging or moving lightly between reps

Systic's workout synopsis:

- Oh God, I can barely make it through the warm up - I'm still so sore from yesterday

- Burpee Lunges - I hate Shaun T today

- Plyo Lunge Jump - My Glutes!

- Split Lunge Punch - Walk in the park compared to the first two exercises!

- Back Lunge - This move requires good balance, but I nailed it!

- Water Break - Shaun T is really just leading us to believe we can actually rest during this 30 minute workout

- Moving Plyo Pushup - Not so bad today, although the Childs Pose inbetween reps helps a lot

- Push Up Pop Up - You need strong wrists for this move - which I lack

- Push Up Row - OMG I am so weak!

- Knee Push Up Row - same move as above, because I'm doing the modified moves - don't be misled - the modified moves are quite difficult!  And this is my 3rd Beachbody program - I'm over 180 days into this journey.

- Fast Power Jump - Great for the abs!

- Slow Power Jump - Yay, more squats!

- High Jumps - Great for your ass!

- Squat Knee Up - Another great ab squat move

- Agua Time - Shaun T stole someone's water!

- Switch Kick Abs - This is a great obliques move.

- C-Sit Hold - Not bad, but I have to hold my neck as it's always sore (yay computer desk career!)

- Scissors Abs - I can feel this one in my lower abs.

- "L" Hold - Oh my legs!

- Tricep Dip Reach - I can barely do this move, but I sure can feel it!

- Single Leg Tricep Dip - Wow!  Easier than last move, but I can feel it!

- Speed Tricep Dip - Totally maxed out on this move - I really need wrist braces/support.

- 4 Count Tricep Dip - AHHHHHH!!!

- All Major moves for 30 second each until the end - Nailed it!

Total calories burned - about 440

I'm hardcore.  

Oh, and because this OCD workout wasn't enough (I get twitchy if I miss it), half an hour after Husband got home from work, what did we do?

Went road biking of course.

We went from home to Britannia Beach yesterday (28.8km round trip), so today wanted to go further.  We biked all the way to the Kichissippi Beach (near Westboro) - a round trip with a few stops along the way (beach, random meeting old friend who was also biking, and water break at the in-laws).

Total distance: 43km

Total biking time: 2 hours 10 minutes.

We have NEVER biked that far.  We used to have troubles biking 20km let alone more than double this distance.

When we went on our first few weeks rides this year, I was SO upset that I still couldn't even come close to keeping up with Husband, and I was putting my all into it.  I had been workout out for almost 6 months, and felt as slow as a sloth!

Unfortunately we had already begun speed bike research, and came across a sale with better parts than we were even hoping for (for less than the bikes we were looking at), and literally had to jump on it the same day before the bikes were sold.

The first day, I had to bike slow so Husband could keep up!  I could ride up those hills with less effort than I used to have to use to ride on a flat surface!  Wow - we were missing out before!

This new biking experience is AMAZING!  Now we can bike the roads with proper bikes, or go off roading on our perfectly good quality mountain bikes!

We're officially a 4-bike family, and loving it!

I guess with the proper equipment, sports really CAN be easier.

Goal for the end of May - make it to downtown.  I hope we can do it!

I am going to be SO SORE tomorrow, but it will be worth it in the long run.

I missed out on so much of life from my CBT's just made life fabulous to be able to live it again.

You should bike too.  It's fun. It's easy exercise.  It gets you outdoors.  And you can reconnect with those you like or love - or you can just roller derby over someone you don't like and keep on biking past them.

The choice is yours.

Saturday, 2 May 2015

Sunshine Saturday With Insanity Max 30 - Sweat Interval Day!

So I had an okay sleep - I only woke up at 4am, then fell asleep again from 5 to 6am.

I packed up snacks for Husband's day at work, and had the next 9 hours to myself.

So far today I've:
- Tidying the house (9-5 I neglect this, and dog hair was piling up)
- Dishes
- Laundry
- Gave away a bunch of items I don't need but are still in great condition on Buy Nothing Kanata (I hate throwing things out, and would rather donate or give them away.  I couldn't be bothered to sell stuff as the UsedOttawa & Kijiji are oversaturated with so many little things).
- Made some wedding decor for a wedding I'm part of this summer

This was before 9am - I hit up Bushtaka for a sale for the last biking accessories we require - no more accessories for awhile now!

Then Michaels. Then Food Basics. Then the pet store.

- I weeded and raked the gardens and lawn
- I planted plants I'd been given a few weeks ago that have just been sitting in the garage
- I made French Toast, as I deserved it and was hungry

I'm pretty sure I did some other things, but I don't remember.  I like to be productive on my days off work.

Then I decided to do my workout.  Insanity Max 30: Sweat Intervals. This is my second week on the program, so only my second time doing this particular work out.  Within 5 minutes I was gushing sweat.  It was awesome!

- Are you Ready?
- Despite all the above productiveness, I made it through the warm up without needing a break
- High Jump Cross - I liked this move
- Lunge Squats - I did not like this move
- Punch Pushups - Shaun T is a jerkface!
- Moving Squat Jab - this one wasn't too painful
- Modified Plank Ups - Oh my god, my arms are so weak!
- Hurdle Drill - my hips did much better this week - PA-POW!

Halfway through - thank goodness!

- Hip Hop Runner - SO many squats!
- Power Jump Squat Push - It really was as insane as it sounds
- Switch Back Kick Punch - I nailed it!
- Free Runner - Oh my BUM!
- Ski Ab Power Knee - This one is kind of fun, but I also like skiing
- Squat Oblique Knee - I could definitely feel my thighs in this move


- Burpee Lunge - I really dislike you, Shaun T
- Hit The Floor - At least it's better than Burpees
- Cross Jack Jab - I'm the next MMX CHAMPION!

Ok. I made it through. I burned about 446 calories in 30 minutes.  I am no longer anxious about getting my work out in!

I just heard Husband come home, so within the hour we'll be speed biking our hearts out.

I hope I can make it the first kilometer.

Friday, 1 May 2015

I Did Not Want to Work Out Today - Insanity Max 30: Tabata Strength

Last night was rough - the last day of a rough week.  I slept for an hour, woke up until 2am, then drifted into semi sleep until 5am.

I did NOT want to work out this morning.  But, unlike yesterday (I skipped - my body and mind were DONE), I had no excuses. The living room *is* my gym.  I hadn't walked into any furniture, tripped over anything, or fallen down the stairs or in the shower. 

No excuses.

Insanity Max 30: Tabata Strength Day

My workout commentary is as follows:
- Warm Up was tough - I wanted to tap out at 2 minutes and 38 seconds in - I did not give into this

- Diamond Jump Burpees - CURSE YOU

- Plyo Power Squats - CURSE YOU MORE!
- Wide Alternate Pushups - you were ok...

- Diamond Pushups - Shaun T - you are insane!

I maxed out at 10:42

- Knee Diamond Holds - OWWWWW!!!  That's a lot of holding, but I did it.

- Childs Post Diamond - I preferred just the Child's Pose portion of this move

- I actually liked the Split Plyo Lunge

- Plyo Power Ab - I definitely felt that one!

- Power Knee Lunchge - this one is tough, yet effective

- Power Knee - I could feel that one in my tight hips

- 4 V Push Up - Whoooooo!  My arms!

- V Pushup - Shaun T is trying to slowly kill me

- V Push up Hold - Shaun T Definitely has a vendetta against me.

- Pike Ups - My arms can't take this anymore!

- Scissor Push UPs - How can Shaun T possibly make pushups more difficult?  This is how!

- Knee Tap Push Ups - It's easier than the last move? Yay?

- Toe Tap Push Ups - Holy co-ordination - I'll have to do this a few times before I get it

- Plant Toe Tap - I think I made up my own version of this move - I like it better - Shaun T is now glaring at me - how does he know??

- Chair to Chair Pulse - How can I possibly have any sweat left??

It was over in a snap - I made it through the entire 30 minutes of Hell Shaun T calls Tabata Strength.  I would NOT have been able to do this yesterday, and next week it will be that much easier.

As difficult as this work out was, and as much as I cursed Shaun T, I showed up & did it. 

I like a challege, and this was my challenge of the day before 7am.

Is it nap time yet?