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Monday, 4 May 2015

Insanity Max 30: Friday Night Fight 1...on a Monday??

So despite yesterday's workout activities, My legs and body actually feel pretty good.  A bit of stiffness, but I also pushed myself pretty hard this weekend.

I only had moderate vertigo and actually remembered most of my words today!

You know what I really look forward to each day?  My workout program.  It's a really bad habit I hope not to get rid of.

So because I started Insanity Max 30 on a...not sure which day of the week - not Friday - today's workout was Friday Night Fight 1.  This will be my final Max30 full workout lowdown for another few weeks (until Round 2 starts). I'll just have to yammer on about other life events or awesome Max out times until then.

Insanity Max 30: Friday Night Fight 1:

Each move is in 1 minute intervals.  We only have three 30-second waterbreaks during the next 30 minutes.

- Hop Hop Runner - I can feel this (good) in the back of my thighs

- Plyo Power Knee - Oh my hips!  I did have good balance throughout though.

- Switch Kick Punch - WHEEEE! Lots of power going on here!

- Wide In & Out Knee Taps - Kind of like a lunge and plank at the same time

- Med Ball Twist - I love this move for the hip stretch.  And Shaun T was quiet for the last 10 seconds.

- Moving Cross Jump - Great for the arms & abs - I'm the ULTIMATE FIGHTER! RAH!

- Speed In & Out Abs - A really sweaty version of mountain climber.  Or that could just be me.

- Scissor Stance Jack - It's like a standing oblique crunch - Shaun T loves his abs work!

- 4 Jab 4 High Knee - Great all over body workout move

- Tricep Dip Reach - Tricep Dips have to be the move I need to work on the most - I'm getting better, but man, it is the toughest move!

**Shaun T just took his shirt off and stole someone's water.  Oh, Shaun T!

- Hit the Floor - Wow, my abs and hips can feel this move!

- 2 Jab 2 Tuck - I need more co-ordination with this move, but found my groove pretty quickly - fun move!

- Burpee Lunges Alt - I hate Burpees!

- Ab Attack - I need more co-ordination with this move too - holy sweat!

- Wide Pike Ups - Legs and Abs can feel this!

- 10 and 2 - There's the thigh move I was looking for!

- Squat Kick - Wowwee wow wow!

- X-Jump X-Plank - these may as well be Burpees.  Jerk.

- Plank Toe Tap - Different king of abs move - I liked it

*** Shaun T just said "Sometimes Shaun T doesn't like Shaun T"

- Knee Diamond Pushups - If I had a favourite kind of push up, this would actually be it.  I must be insane now. For reals.

- Split Lunge Punch - I can feel it in my behind!

- Plank Punch - Yes!!  I did this move without modifying!

- Move Squat Jab - Whew, that was another good Unmodified move!

- Punching Abs - I really just don't get this move, so I took my shoes off in time for the cool down

I really prefer the cool downs with Max 30 vs T25 - it's less awkward.

I burned about 446 calories with this workout. Possibly more, but I guesstimated based on 3-4 calorie burn reviews from others online (who had monitors, vs me, who does not - not an investment I'm willing to make at this time).

Oh, and I got my T25 T-shirt today.  The Free t-shirt *is* why I workout afterall.  A bit disappointed that it's 100% cotton vs the Dri-fit shirt my P90X3 shirt was, but it fits, no one else I know has it, and I EARNED it!  That's something to be proud of.

And to think, only a year ago I was slaving away in the Dungeon making bird toys 5-6 hours a night + I'm living life.  It was a Bittersweet time of life.

Nailed it!

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