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Thursday, 30 June 2016

Really Late Topbox May 2016 Review

I've been so busy being bombarded with business request reviews that I finally have a moment to sit down and review my May 2016 Topbox!

For $12 ($13.56 with tax)CAD a month, get a surprise make up sample kit from Topbox - includes at least 1 full sized product and 3 generous sample sized beauty products.

The 16th of each month is exciting for me and Gideon, as I get the goodies inside the Cardboard tube, and Gideon gets the cardboard tube - he normally can't wait for me to take the products and plastic ends off before stealing his monthly prize away!

May's box was the last one to include a physical product card, as they are now just sending the descriptions via email to be more eco friendly (and cost effective).

I also have no idea where my pictures went, so stock pictures we go!

Novex - Novex Brazilian Keratin Deep Conditioning Hair Mask 
After washing your hair with your shampoo, apply Novex Brazilian Keratin Deep Conditioning Hair Mask onto your hair, massage it gently, and leave it on the 15 minutes.  Rinse well and remove excess water.  Finish as desired. Also use as a Conditioner with 3 minutes application for a daily care.  

414 ml $8.99 Available at

I am usually hesitant about deep conditioners for my hair.  My hair is long, fine, thin, and straight.

This conditioner had a nice light tropical scent, and is a medium thickness for a conditioner.

To use after shampooing, scoop your fingers in the container, and cover your entire hair, and I leave it on long enough to do the rest of my shower things (like cleansing and shaving legs).

I'm not standing in the shower for 15 minutes for a super deep conditioning - who has time for that?

It leaves my hair feeling slightly smooth and greasy, but not as bad as some other deep conditioners I have tried in the past.  It does seem to give a boost of shine and health to my hair, So I use this once a week and just wear my hair in a pony tail to make it less evident.

For thicker hair, I'm sure this is a fabulous hair healer at a great price!

The FaceShop - Collagen Pomegranate Pack

Nourishes skin and improves its elasticity.  Its light texture quickly penetrates to firm and revitalize skin.

30ml $15 Available in stores and online at

I miss that the Face Shop closed down late winter this year (and the following store has also closed after only a few months) in the mall across from my office.  I love their face masks, and TopBox has introduced me to quite a few different Face Shop products.  I'm not willing to drive through the maze of the Bayshore Shopping Centre's new illogical parking lot to go to that location either.

I received the full sized version of this cream.  It has a very light scent that is non offensive, and doesn't linger.

It is a light to medium thickness cream, and literally two dabs cover my entire face.

Obviously wash your face first - especially if you have worn makeup throughout the day.

I always rub it in a circular motion to increase circulation. It dries rather quickly.

Unlike other products that I have used in the past that tighen my face, this doesn't seem to do that - it does, however, leave my face feeling soft and moisturized.  So it failed me on the tightening part. so maybe that's the revitalizing part?

I am unsure if I would purchase it again - it is less expensive than some other night creams, but I feel fell flat on what it promised.  I have pretty good skin for my age, and did not see any improvements (but also did not see any regression), so it did keep my slowly aging skin at a stand still.

PurLisse - BB Tinted Moist Cream SPF30

This beauty balm glides on like tinted moisturizer and has all the age defying coverage, sunscreen benefits of a foundatin and BB cream!  Its formula will soothe your skin while locking in moisture to create a gorgeous, glowing complexion.

10ml $12.55  Available at

This is a light cream that requires very little for full coverage.  It does not, however, cover up the redness I get in my cheeks, but does blend in beautifully.  I don't look like I am wearing any foundation at all!

I do wear my normal moisturizer underneath, however, it also works well without regular moisturizer.

The colour matched my skin perfectly and I only required a small dab on each cheek and forehead before blending it in with my fingers in a circular motion.

If I compare it with my CoverGirl, price point wise, I would go CoverGirl, just for the fact that it covers my redness and is a bit thicker (covering any other imperfections).

Maybe if the Pur-Lisse cream was slightly thicker, it would be worth the extra cost.

Morgan Taylor - Professional Nail Lacquer

It's whats inside that counts.  Inspired by luminous perals, raw gems, semi-precious stones, glimmering silvers, and radiant gold all drawn from the earth.  All pigments are saturated, pure, and finely milled for luminous metallics, never before seen shimmers, decadent cremes, stunning sheers, and more glistening glitters.

15ml $15.83

I received the "Hot Hot Tamale" colour - less dramatic than the Emerald Green colour I received from them last time.

This polish isn't as clean to apply as my Sally Hansen (the brush is straight vs curved), but goes on nicely in two coats.

It does, unfortunately, chip easily, and pics up dirt that seems to stick to it like glue.  I don't recommend using this polish before going camping, to the beach, or anywhere that dirt may be.  Even if you apply it a few days beforehand!

I would like to try one of their glitters (I LOVE glittery nail polish), but so far it's colours I can't wear alone (I wear the green with turquoises) or that I don't have 10 shades of (pink to red).

For the price point, there are better alternatives. It certainly does not stay on any longer than the other polishes I use, despite having lush rich colour choices.

Sunday, 26 June 2016

I Heart T-Shirts - T-Shirts That Say What's REALLY On Your Mind

I received another awesome T-shirt from the makers of the Geeky T-Shirts I reviewed not too long ago.

From T-Shirt Wonderland, they have an entire collection of "I Heart T-Shirts" with lovely sayings, such as I Heart Bacon, I Heart Beards, and I Heart Strippers.  These shirts just say what's on your mind that you might not actually want to say out loud. 

Let's call them statement shirts. 

This is my Statement Shirt. 

I'm actually selective with my Free Shit, and decline a lot of offers, but accept others and have received some pretty awesome Free Shit over the last 8 months. 

Mind you, I work hard for it. With taking pictures, x-posting reviews and pictures on several sites and forms of media, the time it takes to write a well though out review, time taken out to test products, etc...I earn my Free Shit. 

Speaking of that, my shirt fits like a glove yet again.  I ordered size Medium thanks to my lovely lady hips, and it's the same sizing as my Geeky Shirt I received last month. 

It has a nice length (bottom bum length), baggy in the right spots, and emphasizes my good parts too. 

The sizing charts on the site are bang on.  And they make shirts that fit real people bodies vs shirts that look good on the hanger yet unflattering on anything with even a remote bump or roll. 

The fabric is a pre-shrunken cotton, which means it's not going to do that whole shrinking upwards thing shirts tend to do on me.  

Here's a few funny examples of their I Heart T-Shirts:

I know I'm awesome, I'm unsure who loves your wife, everyone knows someone who loves cat videos, and Look up the last one.

All in all, I have found my t-shirt mecca - and supporting the little businesses means a lot to me (and them!) 

They will also replace or refund your order if you contact them within 24 hours of receiving your t-shirt if it does not fit properly. So they stand behind their products.

Two Thumbs up from this girl!  

*** I received this product at a reduced or no cost for my fair and fabulous review ***