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Friday, 18 September 2015

BzzAgent - Covergirl: Lashblast Fusion Mascara

I've been a member of Bzzagent for awhile, as I love trying out new products!

This week, I received a box in the mail.

It was filed with Covergirl's Lashblast Fusion Mascara and several $2 off coupons courtesy of Covergirl for me to hand over to my friends and family - how cool is that?

I have tried Covergirl mascaras before, and didn't have the best experience (clumping).

I wasn't quite sure what I expected from Lashblast Fusion, but It is supposed to increase your lash volume up to 10x.

It did seem to "lengthen" my lashes, without any clumping or thickening.  My lashes look longer and more natural than the normal thickening mascara I normally wear. 

I asked Husband his opinion on my lashes, and he noticed a change in them - without me telling him I had tried on mascara first! 
Before Lashblast Fusion

After Lashblast Fusion

I'll definitely keep this in my make-up rotation.

I would like to try Clump Crusher and Full Lash Bloom to compare them with my other Covergirl (and non-Covergirl) mascaras - to determine if it has the thickening effect I'm after!  So many choices, what is a girl to do??

I'd also recommend joining BzzAgent or Reviewsio if you like to have a say and try new products - you get to try a product for free (usually your choice of colours or styles), coupons for yourself and friends, and you have the opportunity to share your opinions with everyone!  

Left eye WITH Lashblast, Right Eye Without (aka nekkid)

Saturday, 12 September 2015

It's Been Forever!

So...we kind of got off the biking bandwagon after the accident.

BUT 3 weeks after The Accident, I did start my daily workouts again.

I wasn't able to find Cize when I finished Insanity Max 30, however, I did have the 21 Day Fix Extreme, so gave it a go.

As it was only 21 days, I decided not to note every single workout - it kind of takes away from it all.

Autumn Calabrese kind of annoyed me at first, but she grew on me eventually.  She sounds like she's from Minnesota with a Canadian Accent.

And she's a tough cookie.  She brought back the weights, and maintained the squats, lunges, and goddam tricep dips.

I didn't realize how much I missed the weights (Shaun T doesn't generally use weights - only in the Gamma Round of T25).

I didn't do the diet part, as I'm not that hard core.  I'm okay with a long term maintenance plan vs a short term plan.  That's just me though - some people just do the diet part.  I don't need more tupperware, and we generally watch what we eat, with some cheating (wings and beer anyone??).

I didn't really like the app, as the days I didn't workout (there was a wedding in the middle, so I had to remember which day I was on, as the app just assumed you didn't skip a day):

The bridal party

I think my arm looks dented - you can kind of see it in the top left - yeah!
And someone actually commented on how muscular my back looks - sweet!  All my hard work the last 10 months is finally paying off.  Being not-20-years-old, it's a lot more difficult to get rid of those unsightly bulges and bumps.  Husband still says I'm hot no matter what, but it also matters what I think.

I want all the muscles!

And working out also gives me more energy, makes me happy, and fills in that time I used to spend bird toy making for Crystal's Bird Toys.

CBT feels like a lifetime ago since I closed down the store.

Anyhow, back to Apps - I like Apps for my workouts, so I can check it off there.  I'm horrible with paper. Even if it's posted on my fridge.

Like now.

I tried Cize for 2 days, and just missed the weights, squats, and lunges - it's mainly cardio and co-ordination, and a whack load of fun....but I need more than that to meet my targets and not get bored.  Doing the same workout every day for a week is one way for me to just stop doing it.  It's boring and repetitive.

So, I found a schedule that incorporates the 21 Day Fix Extreme WITH Cize.  It's perfect!  3 days of weights, lunges, and squats, 1 Yoga day, and 3 Cize Days a week.

I think I might do this with Body Beast (a program I haven't attempted as I don't want stupid huge muscles, and NEED my cardio to get best results) - a bit of T25 or P90X3 and Body Beast together?

 Yes please!

Cize is basically 30-40 minutes learning a 45 second dance.  My favourite move so far is the row-boat move - it took me about 4 days of Cize to figure it out, but now it's fun.  Again, I trip over my own feet and am not that co-ordinated, so this is a great challenge for me to attempt and succeed at.

I start the new dance (week 3) today, so I'm stalling for time.  New moves in Cize scare me a bit.

 This is good - to challenge yourself to do things you ordinarily wouldn't do.

I also only had one pair of workout shorts that wicked sweat away - my other two were old pant cut offs, and not working for me at all.  I'm a fitness clothing snob. I admit it.  I like my Lululemon. It does exactly what I want, and I shop in the We Made To Much section, so the pricing is actually much better that normal priced fitness clothing, at a quality I have become accustomed to.

So I saw some shorts on sale that might work better than the last pair I got (I need to shrink a tad bit more for those ones to fit - fitness goals!).

They are Amazeballs!

A workout is not complete without a Ridgeback aka Lumpy Fynn

The only problem with shopping in the discount have to wait. And wait. And wait if you want a not-size 2 or 4.  I'm an 8 in tops (which are getting flowy) and 10 in bottoms right now - the 8s don't like my hips, which seem to be holding on for dear life.

A bit of a long winded analysis of the last few months, but I'm still journeying along :)

There are no excuses acceptable (beyond having no limbs) to not putting yourself, your mental & physical health, and overall well being - first.  Do it for your family and do it for yourself.

Keep fit, smile, and remember - if you have 30 minutes a day to watch tv, you have 30 minutes a day to workout in your living room.