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Wednesday, 30 December 2015

I Found the Softest Foundation Brush - Ever! Yalmeh Foundation Brush Review

So, I am guilty of having the same plain jane make up brush for the last...7 or 8 years (or longer).  

It spews powder into my eyes, does an ok job of applying my powder foundation, and doesn't quite reach everywhere.  I kept telling myself, "Self, this will do."

I was wrong.

Enter the Yalmeh Foundation Brush.

Yalmeh on the Left, Plain Jane on the Right
What does this Holy Grail of brushes promise?

  • HIGHEST QUALITY MATERIALS : Hypoallergenic, Cruelty Free, Vegan Friendly.
  • LIKE TO KNOW MORE : Great for Setting, Bronzing and Applying Blush. Liquid Foundation Brush, Powder Foundation Brush. Foundation Blending Brush,Foundation Makeup Brush. Do Not Let Another day in The Mirror Pass Without Yalmeh Foundation Brush.
  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE - 90 Day no questions asked guarantee

I had no idea what I was missing, or that I needed a new foundation brush.  When the opportunity arose, however, I was all in. 

With respect to the materials - the handle is made out of a lightweight material (the site says wood...but I think it is high grade plastic), and the brush itself is SO soft.  

It's like rubbing my old chinchilla on my face soft.  


All of the fibres are synthetic - therefore animal cruelty free.  So no chinchillas were used in the production of said foundation brush.

I have used the brush with both powder and liquid foundations.  Because of the shape of the tip, I'm able to actually get foundation into the nook of my nose and around my eyes with ease.

Powder also stays ON the brush and skin vs flying everywhere (aka into my eyes) in comparison with my old brush. 

It's easy to clean after liquid foundation use  - just a bit of soap and water to rinse it, and let it air dry. 

It is still just as chinchilla soft after washing as it was prior to washing.  

Doing make up at 5:30am most mornings, I drop things - drop proof items are a must! So, I did the drop test.  And dropped it onto my ceramic floor about a dozen times.  It didn't shatter, it didn't break, and it didn't chip. 

This brush is also quite a nice size - it holds a fair amount of foundation on it and is easy to grip (no-slip handle). 

The Q-Tip Comparison

And I have been chatting with Susan and Michael from Yalmeh over the last few months, and they're on the ball.  They are Quick to respond to inquiries, and it's nice to not just be treated like a number.  They do truly care about their customers satisfaction and stand behind their line of products.  

Their 90 day satisfaction guarantee sets them apart from a lot of the beauty suppliers on Amazon (and beyond) - if their products don't satisfy you, I have no doubt that they will stand behind their guarantee to refund your money - Without having to return the product.  

I look forward to testing out more of the Yalmeh line of beauty products in the future!  

They're having some Fabulous year-end specials currently - I highly suggest this foundation brush or the Super Youth Eye Cream I reviewed earlier this month - or test out another product from their line and let me (and Yalmeh) know what you think of it!  

*** I received this item for free or at a discounted price in exchange of my review***

Saturday, 26 December 2015

My Eye Cream Review: YALMEH Super Youth Eye Cream

I've been wanting to use Yalmeh Peerless Beauty for awhile now - a lot of their ingredients are natural, and their results generally yield fabulous results!

I've been testing out Yalmeh Super Youth Eye Cream over the last week or so, and the results so far are quite promising.

What does Yalmeh Super Youth Eye Cream promise?

  • Treats and repairs wrinkles, dark circles and reduces the look of age spots and reduces fine lines around the eyes. 
  • Watch the fine lines in the corners of your eyes be reduced to the point that they are no longer visible. 
  • It contains a combination of Organic Aloe, Alpha Lipoic and Alpha Hydroxy acids which work by removing old skin, allowing new skin to be produced. 
  • With Yalmeh Peerless Beauty's 90 day money back guarantee, you don't have to worry. 
  • Yalmeh Eye Cream contains all natural ingredients, no toxic chemicals or cancer causing additives - no mineral oil, propylene glycol or paraben. They also do not test their products on animals - EVER.

At 38, I'm getting fine lines around my eyes, and with my Chronic Fatigue, I just look tired underneath my eyes all the time (okay, I generally am, but I don't want to LOOK it).

The tube of cream is 15ml, and with the minimal amount to be used, should last many months.  It is highly portable, and doesn't squeeze out so quickly that too much cream will be released.

I squeeze out about 1cm worth of cream onto my finger, and lightly dab a dot underneath my eyes and blot it onto my skin.  I don't rub it in, as it does contain 1% Glycolic Acid, the acting agent that will clear away older skin for the new.

This cream is nice and light, and non-greasy. It doesn't feel like my skin is overly tightened when applied, and I can still use my normal eye moisturizer underneath as usual.  The Yalmeh cream is not a mositurizer, but a skin repairing cream - so using your eye cream in conjunction with it is fine.

It also doesn't really have a scent - I prefer unscented products, and my skin appreciates it to.

My skin tends to react and redden a bit more when products are highly perfumed...and then I begin to wonder why it's scented and what chemicals are within to cause these non-natural scents.

Yalmeh, so far, has been rather unscented and the natural ingredients are the top 5 ingredients within - I'm happy with putting this type of product on my skin (aka in my body).

Yalmeh also advises to be extra careful in the sun with this cream, and the sun may react with the sensitivity underneath your eyes - and really, you don't want to ruin your eyes in general, so wear sunglasses regardless!

From left to right, my 5 day results - can't wait for my 1 and 2 month results!

I have only been using this cream underneath my eyes for the last week once a day - you can apply it day and night, but so far I like the results I have seen.  My skin is already starting to tighten, and I don't look quite as fatigued, despite the hustle and bustle of life.

I'll update with my fabulous 3 month results, although I don't feel I'll need to wait that long to yield the youthful and untired look I'm aiming for.

It's also currently on special, so grab a tube while it's available and let Yalmeh and me know about your results!

***** I received this item for free or at a discounted price in exchange of my review***

Sunday, 20 December 2015

Photone App for the I-Phone

I love taking photos - especially since the digital age came about.

I recently discovered Instagram (I'm a bit behind sometimes), and absolutely love the filters on it - I barely upload a photograph without a filter on it these days. So, when I had the opportunity to test out a brand new photograph app for my I-phone, I jumped on it!

Photone App was made to:
- Have an array of filters to enhance photographs
- Easy colouring filters
- Fabulous effects
- Share photos directly from the app

When the app is first opened, you choose between photographs already in your gallery, or you can take photographs directly from the app.

The first set of Filters are the Monotone - otherwise known as Black and White.  There are 15 different tones of Black and White to be discovered - who would of known?

I'm generally not a B & W fan, but I can see it working in the right scenario and for the right person.  I prefer vibrant colours.

Platinum Filter

Next up are the Pro Tones.  This set of filters includes Faded Colours, Contrast, Sun Kiss, for a total of 18 filters.  I think the Sun Kiss is my favourite out of this group as it tends to give my face colour with an even skin tone.

Contrast filter

Faded Colours Filter
Next filter group is Colour Tone.  It varies from warm to cold, for a total of 15 filter effects.  I'm not too sure about the green filters - I guess these would work best for kids or Halloween pictures. Or if you want to be The Grinch.

Spectro Filter (with Xmas Darth Vader of course)

And the final (and my favourite) filter group - Effects!  There are some fairly unique fun filters in this group - including Retro, Grunge, Sun Rays, and Pencil - for a total of 15 filters.  I'm not too keen on the blur-type filters, but the rest are pretty fabulous to play around with.

Sun Rays filter

Pencil Filter

Grunge Filter
When you transfer a photograph into Instagram, you can integrate your already Photone App-Filtered pictures in with another filter from Instagram as per the below picture:

Transferred from Photone App to Instagram - filters combined!
I do also like that I can add filters to this App without having to post a picture online first and it saves right to my phone.

It's simple to use, has a great variety of filters, and it's on the first page of my Apps now.  Therefore, I give Photone App a 5* rating both for its ease of use and ability to integrate with other apps easily.

****I received this product free for my honest and unbiased opinion***

Monday, 14 December 2015

Struggles of CFS - Le-Vel Sleep Aid - Will this Help Me Sleep Through the Night?

Le-Vel s a company whose Brand Philosophy is Premium Level: Premium Lifestyle.

They are passionate about their product as much as they are about their Brand and experience.

The Thrive Experience includes an 8 week premium lifestyle plan to help people reach their peak physical & mental levels in the following areas:
- Weight Management
- Cognitive Performance
- Digestive & Immune support
- Joint support
- Lean muscle support
- Aches & Discomfort relief
- Anti-Aging & Anioxidant support

This is all obtained through a combination of:
- The THRIVE Premium Lifestyle Capsule
- THRIVE Ultra-Micronized-Lifestyle Shake
- Premium Lifestyle DFT (derma Fusion Technology)

Their formulas are Naturopathic – something I strive to find in the vitamins and minerals I use on a regular (daily) basis – and specifically formulated for men and women.

I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and have been working with my Naturopathic Doctor for almost 3 years now – and have improved immensely. Although friends are commenting now that I no longer fall asleep on their couches when I visit (there was a 95% chance of this happening before), I have a lot of support via vitamins and minerals.

Me asleep on friend's couch was normal...(and husband passed out because it was late)

The last 2-3 months, however, my sleeping pattern has regressed again, and I’m unable to sleep the whole night through – waking up for minutes to hours a time before my brain will allow me to fall asleep again.

  I have been fortunate enough to be able to test out THRIVE PLUS SGT REST, a sublingual gel formula that supports:
- Improved Sleeping Patterns
- Relaxation Support
- Stress & tension Support
- Calming effect

The gel was a bit weird to take the first night, and had a light citrusy taste. You leave the gel in your mouth for about 30 seconds – I left it closer to a minute as I know it takes a lot more to penetrate my body for anything that is supposed to make me stay asleep work.

 It wasn’t thick, and a rather simple process. The gel packs come in separate daily packages for proper dosage and convenience.

I noticed a difference from night one. I slept the whole night through and woke up to my alarm, not before! I slept through the second night. And the third night!

This says a lot, as I’ve taken valerian root, melatonin, and a few other remedies over the last 2-3 months with no success of sleeping through the night without waking up once. It takes a LOT for me to do this normally, but even more so the last few months.

I don’t know if anything will ever make me feel totally refreshed in the morning like I used to feel many moons ago, but if I can find a product that will keep me asleep, thus preventing my brain fog and other major CFS symptoms, I’m all Jazz Hands for it!


A good night’s sleep is definitely key in being able to have a well-balanced and healthier overall lifestyle!

That being said, the pricing starts at $100 USD per month for a Lifestyle Pack – if I compare this to something like Shakeology (as a supplement, which is about $160 a month), it’s actually not too bad. At current Canadian dollar rates, that’s about $4.33 a day for the THRIVE EXPERIENCE Lifestyle Pack, or $6 a day for the Tone Pack. Or less than the cost of a cappuccino and muffin from the Second Cup.

I can only imagine how I would feel using the additional Le-Vel products included in the monthly subscription packs!

  ***I received this product at no cost for my fabulous and unbiased review***

Saturday, 12 December 2015

Mystery Ebook Review - Dark Illusion

I really like mystery books, especially those similar to James Patterson.

Quick chapters - each with a beginning, middle, and climax. This writing recipe tends to get me fully immersed into character and storyline development.

Dana Moison is a young vibrant woman who has written a thriller novel that actually had me immersed in the story from page one.

We know who the killer is from the beginning of the story, and see the story from the point of the killer (Kelly), detective (Sharon), and famous model (Gloria) - three different women with three different objectives.

The story takes us from New York City, across America, and to the stunning New Zealand outback half way across the world.

Throughout the story, Sharon pieces together the reasons for the murders of two beautiful young women, leading her into the downward spiralling mind of the intelligent, yet psychotic, killer.

What I enjoyed most - the end - there's quite the unexpected twist, and I could NOT put the book down for the last 1/4 - I NEEDED to know what the real truth was.

I cannot wait to read more from Dana - she captured my mind and reminded me why I love reading - for the thrill, chase, and desire to know WHY.

If you enjoy a fast paced and thought provoking thriller mystery novel, check out Dark Illusion today!

***I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased and fabulous review

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Fitness Review: A Remote Personal Trainer -

A Remote Personal Trainer is a worksite wellness site to help create an abundance of health in workplaces.

The goal is to help people, alongside a virtual trainer, learn how to reach their fitness goals by creating personalized fitness guides and helping with basic nutrition to help supply your fitness fuelled body throughout this process. 
Whether it be for one month or one year, Megan, will help create a program just for you in order to take the first step towards meeting and exceeding your fitness goals.

What I find cool about Megan is she tried out for the US Women's Bobsled Team back after
obtaining her Bachelors and Masters Degree in Health Promotion, and obtaining her ACSM Health Fitness Specialist Certificate.

She's not only smart, but hard core! 

I love it!

Megan sent me a personalized workout plan within hours of me submitting my fitness survey/questionnaire.

I did have some questions about how to get more Protein in my diet, and she gave me some great tips on easy snacks, along with my favourite - the idea of making Crockpot Meals.

I have a pinned folder on Pinterest already of multiple Crockpot Meats - they're so simple to make and taste delish with minimal fat and no preservatives in them. 

So I felt good that diet wise, I'm on the right track.

The workouts are links on her site - and lead you to You Tube videos created by Megan and Dean.  Most are under 30 seconds and show you how to do the moves.  A few do have descriptions of the move along with the moves.

I did find this part annoying, as the You Tube videos just kept playing, and I actually found more descriptive versions of the exercises came on the You Tube runs. 

Thus, I suggest for new fitness trainees, verbal explanations of the actual exercises (with how to and how-not-tos) would be seriously beneficial.  If the videos played on the ASW Site, it would also be less distracting.  Perhaps with an option to choose the order videos play so you can customize them to your customized workout.

I received one email (a promotion) in 3 weeks other than our original correspondence - perhaps it was due to my familiarity of exercise that I advised Megan of at the beginning of the program.  But based on precedence with a Personal Trainer (in real life), I feel if she touched base a little more, it might boost business.  People don't always ask questions (even via email) unless approached first. 

Exercise isn't easy (even a year after doing it intensely 5-6 days a week), and support is always appreciated.

A few of the exercises are new to me, and I am increasing my weights every week - making it more difficult and challenging.  For fitness, this is what you want!

I would of also loved a meal plan calendar - I had this with my first personal trainer eons ago, and it helped with my results.  Obviously, those are simple to find online, but it would be a bonus added touch.

So overall, the premise behind this personal training program is inspiring and a great guideline. 
There just needs to be more support and regular correspondence from the coaches to ensure the program is going well and if anything needs to be tweaked or if there are any general questions.

You can currently purchase gift cards for a Personal Training Experience Christmas gift for only $50 USD - makes a great choice for a healthy new year.

****I received this program at no cost for my fair and unbiased review*****

Sunday, 6 December 2015

Beauty Box Review: TopBox November 2015

 TopBox is my favourite day of the month - they are shipped out on the 15th of each month, and I usually opt for the surprise samples vs Single Brand samples.  For $12 plus taxes (CAD), you receive 4-5 luxury brand samples, usually with one being a full sized product!

TopBox November 2015 has arrived!
November 2015's kit included: Benefit Cosmetics Air Patrol, Nova Scotia Fisherman' EXtreme Skin Care Lip Balm, Revlon Professional  Style Masters Modular Hair Spray, and The Face Shop Character Mask.

November TopBox revealed!

Benefit Cosmetics Air Patrol

 Air patrol BB Cream eyelid primer contains an EnviroDefend complete known to help guard your eyelids agains sun and pollutants.  It also extends the wear of eyeshadow for long lasting colour that won't crease, fade, or smear.  

4.0ml $38.  Available at Shopper's Drug Mart and Sephora.

I like that it does keep my eye-shadow put (no flaky mess on my face from misdistribution of powder).  Compared to other Benefit eye primers I have used, however, it is more difficult to control how much comes out of the container, as it's a squeeze container vs a padded brush. This means more waste of product.

At this price point, you don't want to waste any of this eyelid primer!

Nova Scotia Fisherman eXtreme Skin Care Lip Balm

Our lip Care is created using 100% natural ingredients and contains 93% organic materials.  Apply as needed.  

9.5ml $6.99. Available at

I am still not very fond of Fisherman's products.  I was not keen on the smell of this lip balm, and you can actually feel the salt within it.  The container includes a push bottom, so you push the bottom to get more balm up, and I put the lid down to squish it down.

It isn't very long lived on my lips, and I love my lip balm - especially during the fall and winter seasons.

Revlon Professional Style Masters Modular Hairspray

Spray Modular Hairspray on dry hair.  For best results, hold about 30 cm away from the hair.  Medium Hold Hairspray, perfect for everyday use.  

500 ml $19.95. Available at Professional Salons Across Canada

This is an aerosol spray can sample, and should last me quite a bit.  It DOES have that typical hairspray smell (a little bit less than basic store sprays), and leaves my hair quite sticky while holding down my whisps.

It DOES have staying power though - and held my curls in for a party - 7 hours - and my hair was still somewhat intact in the morning.  For my hair, this is a feat, as it's fine consistency generally leads to floppy curls really quickly. I did not even have to cake on too much spray either.

This was a redeeming factor with me.

The Face Shop Character Mask

Wash face. Pull out the mask and carefully place it on the face.  Remove after 10-15 minutes and tap lightly to absorb the remaining essence into the skin.  

3 masks for $9.  Available in stores and online at as of December 2015

When I saw this mask, I was so stoked to put it on my face!  It was SO cute!

The application wasn't perfect (with this type of mask, it normally isn't as people's faces are so different), and once I was able to smooth it on to the best of my ability, I let it soak in for 15-20 minutes.

There was no noticeable scent, and it was cooling to the skin.   It didn't tear and was a good quality mask.

It scared Husband more than it scared Merlin (our African Grey parrot).

Don't wear this mask if you want to get lucky.

I think this would be a great girl's night mask, as it's silly, and would make for a memorable evening.

After I removed the mask, my skin was quite soft and my redness had disappeared.


Until December's kit, happy shopping!

E-Book review - Belly Fat Blowout: Burn Fat Feel Great -10 Days

My trouble area that just doesn't really feel like it's budging is my mid-section.  Hips, thighs, and abdomen.  These are also the parts that make clothes shopping frustrating.  And I'm not a big girl - they just don't seem to make clothing for women with real women shapes. I'm hour glass shaped, and even at my fittest, I was still hourglass shaped (champagne glass vs wine glass).

Mind you, my calves were also too muscular when I really wanted knee high boots 6 or 7 years ago, and I couldn't zip those up either - apparently they have bigger calf boots now that will zip up more than 1/3 of the way. (hello Christmas Fairy?)

Meme c/o

Stephanie Atwood has written a book - Belly Fat Blowout: Burn Fat and Feel Great In 10 Days - which infers that it will help you:

  • Lose Belly Fat while eating 6 meals a day. Never feel hungry.
  • Balance Blood Sugar by cutting out processed sugar. You know you should!
  • Stop Cravings. When you eat a balance of real, healthful food, cravings go by the wayside.
  • Never Feel Hungry. It's true. You eat delicious food on a regular basis with nourishment that keeps you feeling satisfied.
  • Reduce Inches by utilizing fat stores for energy. Feel good , look great!

What she states is simple and true - but more difficult to get into the habit of.  "Good food, simple, healthy eating, and regular exercise."  Sounds easy, right?

Her program starts with a 3 day detox to force the body to start changing, and then reintroducing 3 meals and 2 snacks a day.

You are encouraged to eat vegetables out of wazoo as well.

I know from MyFitnessPal that vegetables barely add any calories - but some are more filling than others.  I already have a nice big salad that I can barely finish at lunchtime 2-3 times a week (homemade chili the other days).  But not just leaves - real vegetables, like peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, and so on. I also add my protein - chick peas, chicken, or goat cheese. I actually really look forward to my salads. And would eat them when we go out, but they are so expensive for what they are eating out. Like $3-$4 more than an unhealthier choice.

We start out by taking measurements - which are then done weekly.

We are encouraged to allow ourselves a 90/10 atttitude on food - so 10% of the time we can break the rules.  This is different from alternative fitness gurus (i.e. Beachbody instructors, Shrinking Jeans, etc.) who have an 80/20 rule.

I like the 80/20 rules better.

She teaches us general awareness of the food we are eating - really for anyone who has no idea where to start on a healthier lifestyle, Stephanie hits it bang on and has some fabulous and simple recipes for you to follow.

We are taught how to maintain a protein:carbohydrate ratio of 1:1 for 6 days - this is a LOT of protein - my nemesis as I never seem to eat enough of it.  I am a work in progress. Always.

She shows us how to weigh or eyeball the ratios out.

Over the course of the 10 days, exercise is increased, and we are given a meal plan for each day.

In general, I'm pretty much following this meal plan already - I could work more on reducing the quality of food and finding ways to add more protein (aka less carbs).  When I pack my snacks and lunch for work, I literally have 4-5 plastic containers full of food, and usually a hard boiled egg and nuts too. I eat a lot. Like all. Day. Long.

This Kindle edition ALSO includes Belly Fat Blowout II - a 5 week continuation of the program to really teach you healthy eating habits - there is a LOT of support and information provided.

During this 5 weeks, still no grains or foods with made with flour - like bread. I know from when I was Gluten free for a period of time (under my Doctors supervision and advice to help with my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), I lost 10 pounds. In like 4 weeks. It was crazy. Everyone else I know who has cut out bread and rice (grains) also just loses weight.

We also go to a more reasonable 2:1 carbohydrate:protein ratio.

Each week includes:
- A support call (you can download an MP3 for this)
- New recipes
- Facebook Support
- Morning Mantras
- Food Journal

Each week teaches us the basics about healthy eating, basic fitness, and more encouragement.

I think this book is great and well organized with a lot of helpful resources.

Belly Fat Blowout would be beneficial to anyone who thinks eating healthy is a hassle or has no idea where to start.  Even I learnt new information and got some fabulously delicious (and easy) recipes to help hone in that extra protein I'm looking for.

***I received this book at no cost for my fair and fabulously honest review

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Olay Total Effects 7 in 1 Anti-Aging Moisturizer

I love face moisturizers, and have been trying to find one that took away a bit of my morning redness, reduces my pores, and helps slow down the fine lines that are increasing on my face.

The 7 effects of the Olay Total Effects 7X Anti-Aging Moisturizer claims:
  • Visibly smoothes fine lines and wrinkles
  • Evens Skin tone appearance
  • Enhances brightness
  • Minimizes look of pores
  • Visibly reduces age spots
  • Reduces firmness
  • Replenishes moisture.

The sample container I received is a push bottle where one push is WAY too much, but it’s hard to stop the amount that comes out.  I don’t anticipate my 15ml sample lasting me very long L (Thank goodness I still have plenty of my NaturalScience Anti-Aging Cream with Matrixyl, which I was quite pleased with!)

There is very little scent scent, and it doesn’t over-moisturize my face, nor does it make it feel too tight.

Over the last week of testing, I haven’t noticed any change in the fine lines on my forehead or eyes – this likely takes a period of time much longer than a week.

My redness does go away and my pores definitely appear smaller since using this moisturizer – and stays clear and bright all day long.

I have no age spots to combat (yay), and firmness isn’t an issue yet at my mid-30s age. 

Overall, it is a decent moisturizer – but for the price point, I feel I can find better value with alternate products. 

***I received this at no cost from BzzAgent and Olay for my honest and fabulous opinion