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Tuesday, 23 August 2016

July 2016 Topbox Review

TopBox has been more of a Hit & Miss lately - but I am still wooed by at least 2 or 3 of my monthly samples, so I'm sticking with it.

Plus the joy on Gideon's face when he sees the Topbox Cardboard tube makes it worthwhile. We can both enjoy Topbox in different ways!

July's box includes products from BareMinerals, Revlon Professional, St. Tropez, and Clinique.

Marvelous Moxie Lipstick
Creamy, super-saturated, ultra-pigmented color glides on like butter for full coverage in a rich satin finish  0.12 oz  $23.54  Available at,
Lipsticks are a hit and miss – especially in a more lip gloss format.
I prefer a matte gloss for a) colour, and b) chapped lip prevention.  Husband prefers I wear no lipstick at all due to its normal sticky nature.
Marvelous Moxie’s Lipstick, however, is a pleasant surprise.  It applies smooth and evenly, and actually makes me lips “pop,” creating a fuller, healthier look.
I love the light pink colour – it’s not too pink and looks sort of natural.  Heck, I even kissed Husband this morning and he didn’t complain about me wearing “goop” on my lips (the reason I rarely wear lipstick – kisses are more important than lipstick).
I am able to drink my coffee without leaving residue on my cup, and it lasts about 5 or 6 hours before I feel the need to reapply it.
Overall, I am happy with this lipstick – winner (gagne!)!
Revlon Professional
UniqOne Lotus Hair Treatment
Repair treatment for dry and damaged hair. Smoothing, Regeneration, Color protection, Sun protection, Detangling, Shine and Heat protection.  150 mL  $17.18  Find a professional salon near you at, Trade Secrets & Chatters
I was not 100% sure what this hair treatment was at first, but I use it as a touch up spray after styling

It is a yummy coconut smelling spritz, and the liquid is actually thicker than I originally anticipated, hence brushing after application is a must in order to ensure residue didn’t remain clumped up in my fine hair.

I did try to use it as a detangler, but found my normal detangler was more effective – hence why I pretty much used this to make my hair smell like pretty coconut. It’s the perfect scent for summer, after all! 

For my thin hair, I did not feel I reaped benefits from this Lotus Hair Treatment, and more than 2 or 3 spritzes weighed my hair down enough that I had no choice but to wear my hair in a ponytail or braid.

For thicker hair, I am sure it will have better results!

For an instant hint of bronze that illuminates the skin. Gradually builds to create a healthy sunkissed glow for instant skin perfecting coverage to blur imperfections.  200 mL  $39.26  Available at
I have never used a tanning lotion before as I generally go from pasty white to red burn and slather on so much sun screen every hour that I create a cocoon of sun protection.  

I did have a nice base this year thanks to cycling, so this tanning cream has come in handy in covering up the pasty whiteness from my wrists to fingers, where my cycling gloves protect me fully from any tanning or sun.  

It blends in quite nicely with a small amount in order to create a seamless blend from my arm tan to white hands, making my tan line less noticeable.  

Once dried, it does not rub off on my clothing, and I generally only apply it when I know I won't be in a sweaty work out situation afterwards to prevent bleeding into my clothes.  

It has no odour, and does not make my skin look fake or orange like some self tanners I have seen.  

I don't feel I would go out of my way to apply a tanner once this is done, but I definitely like the fact that it makes my glove line disappear.

Pep-Start™ Eye Cream
A pep rush for eyes. Just 3 seconds to look wide awake, refreshed. Hydrates, brightens, perks you up. Its cool touch and de-puffing tip help keep eyes looking fresh.  0.5 oz  $34.66  Available at,

I am generally exhausted, and my eyes show it more some days than others.  

This eye cream helps a little bit, but is not a miracle cream (nothing will make me look totally alert).  

It does help take away some of the puffiness and hides the small smile lines at the sides of my eyes (and mouth smile lines too!).  

It's a light white cream, and a dab on either side of the eyes provides full coverage underneath and at the side of my eyes.  

The container I have should last me for quite some time based on the minimal amount required. 

It does not do anything my alternative eye creams do, so at double the price, Clinique has not sold me on their cream.

July's Topbox was a winner, with some products I may not necessarily go out of the way for, but which added a nice touch to my normal beauty regime.