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Sunday, 31 May 2015

Max 30 - Max Out Power (Month 2) Review

I didn't work out or bike for 2 days due to pure utter exhaustion from my 9-5 shift last week.

This shift literally kills any energy I might have.  I still go to bed and wake up at the same time, but I leave home an hour later than normal, spend on average an extra 30-45 minutes in traffic due to more congestion, and I'm falling asleep in the car before I even reach Bayshore (with another 20km to go).

I get home, and either have a quick snack before we go biking and eat LATE (i.e. 8pm or later), or I get home, and have to make dinner or we end up with hot dogs or go out as I'm too exhausted. I am done. I have issues staying up past 8pm these days.

I try to work out before leaving for work these days, but literally couldn't keep my eyes open or energy level up enough on Thursday or Friday.  I barely made it through those days at work.

My body does ok on a schedule.  Take that normal schedule away, and stick me in an exhausting situation in the morning, and that sets me up for failure. I'm a mess. My vertigo returns, I usually get sick as my immune system screws up, brain fog returns, and a slew of other CFS symptoms.  Dealing with rush hour traffic for an hour to get to work vs the normal 2 stop commute to Tim Hortons-drop off Husband-my work in 40 minutes does it to me.  I do not recover at all these weeks (every 4-5 weeks).

Saturday afternoon, after I'd recovered from our 40km morning bike ride, I was jonesing for a workout fix!

Welcome to Month 2, Insanity Max 30 - Max Out Power with Shaun T!

My Body is My Equipment.

This routine is like Month 1's Tabata Power, but the moves are 45 seconds each with 15 seconds "rest" in-between.

- Slap Jack Jump - Up/Back  - I definitely need more co-ordination for this move - it's like rubbing your belly and tapping your head at the same time.

- Slap Back Jump - Side/Side - This move was easier as it was side to side

- Low Squat Plunge - Up/Back - My burning thighs!!  I was stuck in low squats going up & down!

- Low Squat Pulse  - I spoke too soon, as this move burnt even more as the squats were low with a 2" pulse movement - 45 seconds of pure pulsing!

- Chair Hold - My thighs burnt on this hold after the low squats.  No pulsing, just holding a chair squat for 45 seconds.

- Plyo Push Up Jack  - Diamond push-ups switching to regular push ups

- Arm Jack Push Up - A pulse at the top of the push up - I felt better at push ups today (for now)

- Push Up Pop - This was a closer hand push up with a pop or jump of the arms at the top - great for shoulders!

- Step Out Push Up - Diagonal Push Ups - this is my favourite push up move.  Yes, I said favourite and push-up in the same sentence.  I'm now certifiable.

- Knee Plyo Push-Up - Regular push ups alternating with diamond push ups - fun!

- 4 Count Knee Push Up - ohhh the burning!

- Pike Up Extension - Pike plank into a superman with sideway arms.

- Wide Push Up Extension - Wide push up with a superman (with sideway arms) at the bottom

- Low Plank Pike Up - 45 seconds of sphinx plank while moving alternating legs to the side.

- Ski Down Abs - I love this move on my lower back - it was a great stretch.

- X-Abs - Definitely a good one to keep the core tight - extend arms & legs into an "x" while on your back, with head/neck off the ground

- Backstroke - A nice oblique move while moving your arms from above the head to side - similar to the backstroke.

- Burpee Lunge - That was as hellish as it sounds.

- Squat Lunge - Squats with alternating back lunges - ow!

- Frog Jump Burpees - Jump up with a burpee on the bottom

- Lunge Pulse - Owwwww!  Pulsing Lunges - 'nuff said!

- Wide Burpee Jump Suicide - Oh my hips!  Anything burpees = bad

- Iron Legs - Alternating back lunge topped off with a butt squeeze

This workout was completed in Modified Mode (don't dis' it - it's still tough - my joints can only take so much, and plyometric moves are not what my body can take), and burned about 439 calories.

30 minutes. 30 minute work outs.  They rock.  And I have no excuses.

May this upcoming week be super for all - treat every day as a new beginning, challenges and all.

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