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Thursday, 16 August 2018

How to Put on Jeans: Step 1 - Put on Laela Jeyne Taylor Leggings

Life with Chronic Migraines (and the inability to survive in areas with LED or Fluorescent lighting), I pretty much live in yoga pants and leggings these days as I work from home. 

I also work OUT at home, so being able to have 10 minute breaks for some yoga stretches when my muscles begin to stiffen up at my desk is important some days. 

He's right!  But I do admit a few years back I thought leggings as pants were evil. 

I made a compromise and decided that as long as I either a) had a tunic length top on, or b) am being active, that leggings ARE pants. 

But finding the best leggings pattern isn't always the easiest. 

Laela Jeyne just revamped their Taylor Leggings pattern, so I decided to give them a go. 

What does this pattern include?  
- 3 styles: plain one-piece leggings, 3 piece leg with pockets leggings, and 4 piece leg for colour blocking the mid panel
- Knee, cropped, or ankle length
- Contoured waistband with elastic at top for secure fit
- Optional maternity waistband
- Detailed fitting instructions

My first pair was knee length (I'm 5'-2"), and of COURSE has pockets!  

I used a mish mash of some of the last of the full pieces of spandex I collected last year, and they fit perfectly. 

The instructions were clear, there were no tears, and I am pretty sure I didn't put elastic in the waistband - I never do with leggings. 
Look at my Goddess pose above! 

The pockets are the white fabric on the side - perfect for my iPhone or keys! 

My second pair is made from a random piece of camo something spandexy I ordered from Okee Dokee Kids during a stash sale, and some dri-fit fabric for the sides.

Don't they make my behind look magical?  

They certainly can make the same magic with yours!  And they honestly aren't too tight, so I can both work in them, and do my Yin Yoga stretches in the without compressing my sore muscles.  

For me, If pants are too tight on the hips (even they they normally wouldn't be), I have troubles walking, and have a lot of pain, so looser is better these days.  

So if you want a pair of active yet comfy leggings, and don't mind a bit of colour blocking fun (hello, sew up those weird scraps!), this is definitely the pattern for you!

Sew On!

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