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Monday, 27 August 2018

How to Bring Magic to the World - One Small Fairy Crown at a Time

We hosted a 16th Birthday Party for a lovely girl we met at our cabin land this summer.

She has never had a birthday party (hello, mid summer birthday army brat kid with Aspergers).

We found she had a love for Comic Books, Whimsy, Unicorns, and Marvel Movies, so with the blessing of Husband, I had full creative reign on creating a party in the forest in under a week.

Really....he expected the T-Rex to leave her jewels at home??

WHY did he trust me with Pinterest? I get lost in the vortex and my mind explodes with ideas.

I knew the Fairy Crown and Wand from Rebecca Page Patterns would be the perfect fit...once I decided to add a few Comic Book style doo dads from the Advent Calendar Add On!


I made some crowns and even a lengthy "trim" for my craft room window with the flower patterns in the past.

This is me trying it out...but with a star, Bam, and is pretty cool!

She LOVED it!
Unfortunately I don't have pics in the dark of Maya, her wand, and Crown, but there were some tears of joy. She didn't take that crown off all night long while jamming away to Rock Back in the Woods with a community of people who think she's pretty stellar!

Rock Band in the Forest!

Rock on with Maya and give someone a little glimmer of joy in their lives.

You can make the Fairy Crown, Elf Crown, or Wand for someone special here.

And the Advent Calendar Add on is awesome for daily crafts too!

Sew On!

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