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Wednesday, 22 August 2018

You Spin Me Right Round, Baby Right Round

I want a hug. 

Not a normal hug.


I want one of those pick-me-up-off-my-feet-squeeze-me-tight-spin-me-around-hurts-my-tummy-but-still-makes-me-smile-leaves-me-breathless-gives-me-butterflies-makes-me-fiffle-stupidly kind of hug.

That's kind of the feeling I get wrapping myself up in the Rebecca Page Wrap Around Top.

This is a neato pattern, designed for regular wear, pregnancy, or nursing.

The bust wrap is amazing (hello-lift-up!), and you can wrap it as you like.

The pattern includes:
- short, 3/4, or long sleeves
- optional camisole underneath
- option to have the middle tie section or not

I paired mine with a few different bottoms.

First I tried it with The Pippa Pants, which are also amazingly comfortable, for a casual look.

Secondly - the Peggy Pencil Skirt for a more formal or business casual look.

Don't they pair well together?

The back bodice tucks nicely into the wrap - just make sure to hold the bodice down the first few wraps, or the wrap won't capture the bodice.

The bodice stops just under the bust, in theory, to allow for the expansion of a woman with child's belly as it makes room for babies.

My expansion would only be for if I'm having a poutine or piece of cheesecake.

You can see the comparison of styles side-by-side - same top, different feel with each pairing.

Now, I used an interesting combination of fabrics.

The sleeves are a random stretch fabric from Fabricland

The main bodice and part of the tie are a lovely soft Rayon from Water Tower Textiles.

And I decided I wanted a longer wrap than the two angled tie pieces (there are normally 2 angled pieces, and optional middle straight piece for those of us not with child...but I wanted more wrapping fabric).

So my lingerie stretch lace came to the rescue, being the same width as the rayon fabric! 

So I cut the angles off the end Rayon pieces, and sewed the lace onto the raw edge of the snipped rayon pieces. And voila - a bit of a fancier wrap due to lack of the same Rayon fabric, and a quick gander in my sewing room.

This is a rather quick sew with easy to follow instructions.  And it's a top unlike any that I've seen before! 

You can really scrap together the tie part if need be, and have a beautiful end result.

Best thing? Once you have it wrapped, not only is it flattering, but it also stays put while you walk, dance, or sit down.

If you are super paranoid, you can always wear a camisole underneath, but I feel it's good as-is for me.

Plus if you wear it on date night, it's probably a lot of fun to take off when you get home *wink wink*.

Grab your Wrap Around Top pattern and whip it up in a jiff for a new-kind of top that's going to wow you and those around you.

Sew On!

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