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Saturday, 14 April 2018

Sewing Pattern Review: Rebecca Page Pippa Pants & Ultimate Patch Pocket Hack!

I love comfy pants. 

And pockets.

And ruching. 

And Rebecca Page Patterns. From the beginning of my "Sew-My-Wardrobe" adventures, I was drawn in by the Madison top, and then she took a chance on me when I applied for (and got into!) my first sewing pattern testing group!  

I've had the Pippa Pants pattern for a few months now, but had other projects and testing on the go.  But with cabin season coming up, and a lovely fleece lined Cotton Lycra sitting around for months from Water Tower Textiles , the Pippa pattern finally called out to me to just get'r done. 

Love the look of the Pippas!  

Front with 5 out of 4's Escapade Top!

Side view and the Circle Cardie!

Other side and Migraine face

But Pippa Pants lack what I love in me-made pants (because stores generally sew in fake pockets for ladies pants to tease them when they get home. Poor unused fake pockets).

*BUT* Rebecca Page also has the Ultimate Patch Pocket Pattern that I've used a few times to add pockets to existing I figured I'd see how the Pippas fit before adding the pockets on. 


First off, I'm 5'2", and the patterns are drafted for a 5'6" tall woman. I measured my inseam, and compared it to the pattern, deciding 4" off the length would be okay.  

Now I was a bit hesitant, as I have another pair of comfy pants made from similar fleece lined fabric, and I cut too much off the hem initially and have added two cuffs to it since, as the fabric does ride up over time.  I wanted to ensure the Pippas were a bit long to take the "sticking" factor of the fabric into consideration. They are about 1/4"-1/2" long, but for the sake of not looking like I hemmed my pants too short again, that's okay. I'm also a *LOT* more experienced at hemming and sewing with knits now vs last spring when I sewed my other pair of (I have no idea what pattern) comfy pants. 

So once the length was decided, the pattern happily ran the length of the fabric wonderfully - I was able to use my 1 meter of fabric and have some left over for some more Winter Wear Designs Alpine Fingerless gloves - a necessity in life since I lost finger circulation. And maybe a pair of comfy socks too. I can do a *LOT* with a meter of fabric!  

The ease of instructions made the Pippa pants a quick sew - and in about an hour and a half, my Pippas were complete.

I opted for:
- Full Length
- Ruched Side Ties
- My "Hack" of adding the Classic Patch Pocket 

The Ruching is awesome for anyone looking for this style of pants, but really just wants to be comfortable and feel awesome without feeling self conscious about their mid section. 

Look at the Ruching and POCKET!

I feel the flat front is best for anyone who has less confidence issues about their mid-section. 

That's why we sew, right? To make clothes that make us feel our most beautiful and confidant.  Clothes that fit properly. And really, it's a great stress reliever and way to be creative. 

And the pockets. 

I put on my finished pants, and pinned the pockets where I felt they looked best.  

The top side I matched up with the bottom of the band seam, and it is 1.5" away from the centre seam on either side. 

I sewed the pocket on in two steps - the side section (furthest away from the centre), and then from the top (and the band seam), and 90 degrees angle turn to finish off the curved edge down and towards the side section.  

Make sure to use a lot of pins, and hold the fabric tight (but not TOO tight) while pinning to ensure it sews on smoothly.  Sew slowly to avoid any weirdness in the fabric (pocket or pants), and voila!  

Instant pockets!  

Next pair I may put back pockets too, but I do think that my behind does look rather nice in the Pippa I'll ask Husband's opinion about that first.  He REALLY loves the Pippa look on me. 

And for me, I have lunge and squat thighs, so finding a pair of loose but not-too-loose pant patterns isn't always easy. I either look like I'm floating in big pants, or like I have sausage legs. But the Pippa Pants fit my thighs perfectly - I can see many more in my future.  

Yay flattering for my Booty!

And with the right fabric, as I did with my Bella Sunshine Designs Sansa Pants , I'll be wearing my Pippas to the office whenever I am well enough to work in the brightly lit office environment again. Until then, Pippas and I will work from my home office in style.  

Because one should always dress stylish but comfortable for a productive day at the office!  

And all April the Pippa Pants are on sale - they come in Ladies, Girls, or a Bundle Package (Ladies, Girls, AND cute doll version). 

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