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Thursday, 12 July 2018

Sewing Pattern Review: Twig & Tale's Breeze Top

The Twig + Tale Breeze Shirt is made for warmer weather, using lightweight fabrics to give both a nice flow and protection from the sun.

And it's one of the few tops that I have made that Husband compliments each time I wear it (okay, ones that bear cleavage always get a Va-voom). So he approves of the overall fit and style!

It has a few options - shirt length or tunic length.

I opted for the shirt length, which for my 5'2" height, is kind of tunic length. 

I found the tunic length too long for me, so just didn't adjust the height on the shirt length for the perfect fit.

The tunic length would come half way down my thighs, so would be more of a short dress than what I see as a tunic - which is perfectly fine.  But lacking an easy access fabric amount(aka fabric I already had), shirt length it was for my second Breeze!

The other options the Breeze includes are:
- Short, Flutter, or long sleeves
- Shirt or tunic length
- Straight or curved hem
- Option for split hems and sleeve tabs
- Optional back elastic for shaping

So I opted for: Shirt length, Curved hem, Flutter sleeves.

I used some shirting fabric I'd been gifted from my mother-in-law's sisters stash when she recently downsized her home (win-win for my sewing room stash!),  It's a nice light fabric, and really is quite comfortable and I adore the sleeves and neckline! 

The back I opted to keep without the elastic, and I like the looser look on this particular top. 

As you can see, it even hugs my hips nicely without being too tight.

The shirt is mainly measured by the bust, and I graded down to my hip size for the perfect fit.  It ranges from bust measurement 30" to 51.5" as a reference. 

As you can see, when my arm is straight down at the sides, the flutter sleeve looks like a normal sleeve, but once the arm moves, the sleeve flutters!  I find this sleeve gives the shirt a very feminine look.

Overall, the sewing experience was simple - the instructions are easy to follow with detailed pictures and even video tutorials for those of us who are REALLY visual! 

You even get the chance to sew French Seams (which really aren't that scary, and give a finished look inside) - so making your clothing look that much more professional.

The Breeze isn't just for women though - it's for Children, Women, AND Men! 

If you haven't sewn up Twig + Tale Patterns before, this is a great intro into a year round comfortable feeling top that is simple to grade to size and fits like a nice comfortable mitten.

And get $3 off your first purchase (minimum cart of $10 after discount) by clicking here!

Sew On!

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Sewing Pattern Review: Bella Sunshine Designs Sophia Racerback

***ON SALE July 10-18!

Ladies:  Regular $10 - Release $6.50 w/code BSDSophia

Girls: Regular $9 - Release $5.50 w/code BSDSophia

Bundle it up: Regular $17 - Release $10 w/code BSDSophiaBundle

I love a good tank top. 

I also love clothes that are more flowy and less tight fitting for daily wear, or hanging out. 

The Sophia is a knit racerback pattern with a lovely flowy bottom.

I sewed up size 4 overbust without grading for waist/hips as usual (I'd grade to a 12/14 for waist/hips otherwise).  

I did this for a few reasons: 
1) Lack of fabric that was flowy enough
2) I didn't want it to look TOO big on the bottom

The end results?  A top I feel comfortable in, and love to show off!

The armcycle is great on me and not too tight despite my larger biceps (vs biceps on a "store model" comparable size), and my fabric flows nicely without weird bulges. 


I can wear this with my racerback bras, regular sports bras, or even my sultry lacy bras with a little somethin' somethin' showing on my back. 

I'm 5'-2", and didn't shorten it, as I generally like longer length tops - this means I can wear this Racerback with leggings, but not show my big caboose to the world. 

The sizing for ladies is as follows:
- Overbust: from 30" to 59.75"
- Waist: from 23.5" to 53.5"
- Hips: from 33" to 59.75"
- Bicep: from 9.75" to 22.5"

You can also purchase the pattern for Girls sizing from 6 months to 12 years old as well! 

My first top was made with a very light sweater knit (which can show every bulge and bump with the wrong pattern) and another random light sweater knit for the purple bindings. 

My second top was made from Double Poly Brushed fabric, and is so soft. I want to pet it and snuggle with it. 

I'm weird. 

This pattern took about an hour or so from cut to finish, and the instructions are simple to follow.  

I didn't even have to use my seam ripper on either top!  

This doesn't happen often. 

I've made one other Racerback pattern previously, and the Bella Sunshine version is definitely easier and I just love the different flattering shape in comparison with your typical Racerback.  

I feel you will too!

Sew On!

Monday, 9 July 2018

Sewing Pattern Review: Rebecca Page's Peggy Pencil Skirt

The Peggy Pencil Skirt is a SUPER quick and easy ladies knit pencil skirt pattern that is both elegant and sleek. 

It honestly takes less time to cut and sew up this skirt than it does for the wash cycle to complete in your laundry room. 

Mini Length with the Chloe Cami
Midi Length with the Monte Carlo

I made my two skirts while watching one episode of "The 100." 

That was a good episode!

The skirt comes with 3 different length options: Mini, Knee, and Midi - and a walking vent or straight seam. 

This is a great introduction to sewing with knits (and Rebecca Page!), and can be sewn with fun or serious fabric for both play and the office. 

The mini is the perfect length on it's own for a fun night on the town or over leggings to cover your caboose!
Paired with my Paris Party Dress Top!

The Midi length is a nice summer length for those cool nights where you want some leg coverage, or the office where it's always too cold. 

It ranges from sizes XXS to 5XL and is flattering for the behind in a good way!

I used my trusty sewing machine (no serger here), as the instructions are for both serger and "plain jane" machines.  And as usual, the instructions are detailed both in verbiage AND photographs. 

I didn't even have to use my seam ripper (always calls for a round of applause)!

So try out the cute simple Peggy Pencil Skirt today - you won't be disappointed! 

Thursday, 28 June 2018

Sewing Pattern Review: Mamma Can Do It Classy Woven Tank

We all have woven fabric that just sits waiting to be used in a pattern. 

With so many pattern makers creating designs with knit fabric, it means our woven fabric just waits. And waits. And waits.

There are so many great woven designs at a fraction of the cost of knit fabrics. 

Thankfully a few designers recognize this niche, such as Mamma Can Do It!

She has designed a simple tank top pattern that fits well...real ladies - the Classy Woven Tank

It hides tummy confidence issues while showing off my curves in a flattering way.

Heck - the first time I wore it in public, my friend complimented me 3 times that day on my new top!  What a confidence booster :).

The back covers just enough of my behind, and it was easy to grade between sizes to fit my waist and hips properly (between 6 sizes from bust to waist/hip).
The curved hem is super flattering all around

And look how great it looks with my Eden Leggings!

And of course, Husband tries to make me laugh while taking photos in our forest (we own 6 acres of Land in Quebec, Canada, which we frolic in on weekends).

Overall, the sewing took less than an hour, and the end result was surprisingly perfect.

The darts for the bust are perfectly placed and easy to sew, and the binding instructions were quite detailed. 

This pattern is perfect for the beginner sewist looking to sew up their beautiful woven fabrics, or the expert looking to add a few more simple tank tops to their wardrobe this summer.

I used a light woven linen random fabric obtained from my mother-in-law's sister (just in case it was a flop), and the pattern just makes the fabric pop. Like they were made for each other.


Grab your Classy Woven Tank Pattern here for only $7 -and remember to Sew On!

Monday, 25 June 2018

Sewing Pattern Review: Rebecca Page's Monte Carlo Top (or Dress!)

I'd been coveting my Activewear Spoonflower custom Rhodesian Ridgeback fabric since last year.

The intent was a cycling jersey.  The reality of Vestibular Migraines = no cycling in my near future due to balance issues.

So when I saw the Rebecca Page Monte Carlo Tunic to Maxi Dress Pattern, it was calling for my Ridgeback Fabric.

I'm not generally a dress person, but the tunic length seemed perfect for me.


Some of the highlights of the Monte Carlo include:
- Knit or Woven Fabrics can be used
- Tunic, Knee, or Maxi length
- Shirred or elastic casing back
- Wide or narrow straps
- French Seams (which I'm learning to love)
- Ruffles (option)
- Sizes XXS to 5XL

I opted to sew up the tunic length with wide straps.

I think it turned out great - and it's not my last Monte Carlo!

The length is perfect for me - hitting just below my hip (which is how I like it).  I am 5'-2" just so you get the idea of length.  The pattern is drafted for a 5'-6" high frame, but rarely do I take length off a top due to personal preferences of covering my booty.

The front is definitely boobalicious, so I sewed a couple of tacking stitches to keep the Girls in place.  A bigger bust would definitely keep things in place more naturally as an FYI.

I opted for straight straps, as cross overs aren't nice for my neck and shoulder issues - it's comfy and the straps stay put without having to put them back in place (yay!). I could raise them up an inch at the back to prevent my bra from showing, but most of my bras are lower in the back than the particular Lulu bra I was wearing for pictures.

I'm the proudest of a new technique I learned - shirring.

When I think of shirring (once I googled what it was), I thought of those fancy tops I wore as a kid on photo day. So 1980's retro and early 2000's dance/rave scene club tube tops (sorry, Dad!).

I'm ok with this.

The shirring instructions were on par and easy to understand with step-by-step pictures and verbiage which held my hand the whole way through. (thanks, Rebecca!)

And guess what? It turned out perfect and even looks a bit professional! 

So overall, I'm happy with the look and feel of the Monte Carlo - and due to using Dri-Fit type fabric, I can actually work out in this fancy top, look (safely) boobalicious, and sweat without looking like it.

It does come in a few other options:

Friday, 22 June 2018

Sewing Pattern Review - Rebecca Page Chloe Cami

On Sale throughout June!

30% off Ladies, Girls, or Doll Separates

37% for ALL 3 patterns (Ladies, Girls, AND Doll)

I love a nice flowy top that is kind to my hiding abs. And I really dislike sleeves in the summer (that's what a nice cardigan is for!). 

I also normally go for tunic or bum covering length tops, but went outside my comfort zone for Rebecca. 

That's where the Chloe Cami comes into play!

This camisole is different from others, and I love that it's made from lightweight wovens!  I made two with different random fabrics - lightweight silk, lightweight crepe, and two types of flowy polyester mixes - all with different results - in a good way.  

You can opt for one or two layers with two lengths of top - mine both have both lengths and two layers. 

The straps are easily adjustable, but I didn't need to adjust (I'm 5'-2") - and work best with at least one set of short straps, and a set of longer criss cross straps - the straps don't put pressure on my neck or shoulders (my problem area), which is a relief. 

You can use a single or double side strap or double criss cross straps if you like as well - I like the look that I went with just fine. 

As you can see, your bra straps will show, but you can go strapless, or wear one of your sassy lace bras to let it show through!

I made my blue top straps as per the pattern (with fabric), but went all lazy and used lace for the floral top. I feel it worked out fabulously and gives it a very girly look.  

Wearing with my lacy Made for Mermaids Bra

The french seams are easier than you would expect to sew - and a good introduction to sewing them - they make for a professional finish. 

I hemmed the bottom of my floral top orange fabric with lace, as the fabric was stiffer than anticipated and I ran out of Wonder Tape to to iron the hem flat before sewing. The hem looked wonky, so I fixed it with something pretty!

Pairing the top with jeans or shorts works best for my style, and I find my crepe fabric on the blue top(stiffer than anticipated) billows up, so a quick fix with a matching sash or belt below my bust gives the top a totally different sassy but controlled look.  

Use up your pretty lightweight wovens with this cami and go out afterwards to celebrate your new pro looking stylish top!

Sew On!

My First Barbie and Monster High Sewing Outfits!

So I have decided for my nieces birthday to sew her up a wardrobe for her Barbies and Monster High dolls.

The last time I saw them, they were sadly wearing scrappy outfits from our Barbies circa 1980-1990! 

I don't think her Monster High Dolls have any new outfits.

So, I ordered a Monster High and Barbie doll from Amazon.  My, the quality on the lesser pricd ones is definitely subpar compared to mine - at least the dog could take my Barbie without fear that her arm would go missing! These ones are made from a hollow plastic vs the dense rubber weapons they were back in my day.

I totally just said, 'back in my day."

I'm officially old.

Ok, so the first item I made was a Free T Shirt I found on Pixie Faire.

If you haven't sewn before, the instructions may be missing a few steps for seing the hems, but they are straight forward and easy otherwise.

Sewing Barbie clothes might *NOT* be advisable for beginners though, as those darn hems take time to get right.

For the collar, I deviated from the pattern, and made a band (like I would for my own clothes) by measuring the neckline, cutting a small 1/2" wide piece of stretch fabric, folding in half wrong sides together, and placing right sides together along the neckline.

I then topstitched once I flipped the binding upwards to keep it from folding forward and for a more professional look.

For the back, it calls for Velcro.

I cut a piece of velcro in half lengthwise for a smaller width, and sewed on as per directions.

I then added some rickrack to give it a neater look.

Not bad for my first Babie clothing item in 25+ years...

For my next clothing item, I opted to see if I could downsize the Rebecca Page Cora Cocoon Cardigan I made for myself.

I mean, there's an 18" doll pattern, I just had to amend it to a smaller height.

I kind of goofed with thinking for some reason the Monster High Doll would be 14" (she's about the same height as Barbie, at 11.5"), so I set my printer to 77% to shrink the Doll Cocoon pattern pieces to the "proper" size, however, it turned out a bit bigger than anticipated.

Calculating 11.5" by 18" should actually be printed at about 65% to the pattern sizing.

I finished my first one last night in a nice light stretch Cotton Lycra, and although a bit big, it was simple to make.

I cut an inch off the perimeter of the Cardigan portion of the pattern piece, and 2" from the band piece this morning. I was honestly too lazy to go down 3 flights of stairs to reprint the pattern at 65% of the original pattern piece.

And I wanted to sew one more up this morning as we're heading to the camp tonight right after work.

And I started at 6:36am and finished sewing by 6:51am, giving me enough time to snuggle with my ailing Husband (just a minor injury) before heading downstairs to my office.

The second one is from a lightweight knit that has minimal stretch either way, but still works on a looser knit pattern.

This one fit much better - although I'll just reprint the pattern now as the arms are still a tad bit long.

Kids don't care though, and I have 3 nieces to makes Barbie and Monster High clothes for now.

Because I didn't have enough hobbies or sewing projects to work on apparently.


Sew On!

and stay tuned for more Monster High and Barbie clothing - definitely great scrapbusters and I look forward to sharing my experiences with you!