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Thursday, 7 December 2017

The Sansa Pants - Bella Sunshine Designs Pattern Testing

I have SO many issues buying pants in store, it's part of the reason I started sewing my wardrobe this year.

One of my favourite designers, Bella Sunshine Designs, finally has their own pants party with the Sansa Pants

With a band or elastic waistband option, two points where they can be shortened or lengthened, and a cute retro flare on the bottom....if I add pockets to the front/back, they'd pass for pants I can wear at my casual office attire! 

If you can sew straight lines, you can cut and sew these pants in under an hour - for seriousness! 

As usual, I tend to use large scraps sewn together for my muslin (test product) phase of pattern testing - mine turned out perfectly first go with only 2" taken off underneath the knee to fit my 5'-2" frame.

Sewing up my final pair, I opted for 2 way stretch medium weight Scuba Knit - which although the pattern calls for 4 way stretch, this worked for me! 

I broke my NEW double needle, and my replacement is still in the mail after 2 weeks, so I opted for normal topstitching and hem stitching instead. 

Be a Unicorn Amongst Deer!

I really like the way my caboose looks in these pants too - flattering - not bulky.  The high rise band is perfect for preventing muffin top and keeping everything in place. And finally  - I don't have sausage thighs!  My thighs have a nice layer of muscle, which have caused issues with fitting into mainstream pants for years - and they're not even that large in diameter!  BSD made the perfect fit for NORMAL bodies.

Shake what your mom gave you!

As always, I had fun testing with the BSD team, and making yet another amazing outfit.

I paired my Sansa Pants with my latest Maggie Top - so grab both patterns for a flattering look and have a new outfit in under 2 hours!

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

The Maggie - Bella Sunshine Designs Top, Tunic, Dress Pattern

The Maggie pattern from Bella Sunshine Designs is a simple, yet flattering pattern that can be made into top, tunic, or dress length.

The tunic length is long enough to cover my behind, making it the perfect pairing with leggings or tighter pants I may not necessarily wear otherwise.

This pattern is efficient and easy to follow – I love the sleeve & length options – and the different looks different fabrics give to enhance the pattern and the fit.

I have curves, and the perfect sizing Melissa provides makes this another easy-to-grade pattern for my hourglass shape (aka hippy) that I feel confidant and sassy in my Maggies.

The feel of The Maggie is so soft and comfortable, I can easily wear this working up at the camp, at work, or just hanging out at home.

I recently repurposed a t-shirt that came in too small from, and it's amazing - I was just waiting for the perfect fabric.  I couldn't resist Okee Dokee Canadian Fabrics Interlock Knit Deer Fabric.  It pairs ironically with my repurposed, "I am Unicorn," logo. 

If you are new or advanced to sewing, grab the Maggie Pattern for a staple in your wardrobe.

Betcha can’t just make one!