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Monday, 30 April 2018

Sewing Pattern Review: Twig + Tale Forester Coat

Twig + Tales patterns are full of Whimsy and Magic.

I fell in love this fall with their Pathfinder Vest with Animal Upgrade (because what 30 something year old doesn't want to have a funky animal inspired vest for running around the forest in??).

I was fortunate to be part of the background testing for their newest pattern - the Forester Coat - for Women, Men, and even babies with a Nestledown option.

Twig + Tale loves upcycling - and this jacket is perfect for old warm blankets that you have too many of, and is also a great scrapbuster for fabric that doesn't have large enough pieces to make a more traditional or basic coat.

Pixie Hood Version
Round Hood Version

There *are* a lot of pattern pieces, but that's part of the magic - the design is meant to loosley hug your curves in all the right spaces, with enough room for a sweater underneath in the fall or winter, and breathable enough on those cold spring or summer dewy morning.

And really, the instructions are stellar - and include video instruction for those of us who are more visual.

It leads to a coat that looks store bought made with your own chosen fabrics!

I made two versions, and each version has a different hood - typical Round hood AND a Pixie hood for when I'm feeling mischevious!

I didn't have to use my seam ripper during the production of either coat, so that means the instructions REALLY are user friendly, as I typically do one rip on longer sewing projects, as I try to get them done in one sew.


My Round Hood version is made from fleece for the exterior, and a mix of some scrappy thick satiny fabric and flanelette unicorn fabric. 


I added the outside pockets and back belt to this version.

The hood is held on with snaps, so doesn't always have to be attached. I like the side blinders and hood coverage it gives me on car rides so I can close my eyes and the drive doesn't bug my Migraine as much (the side visuals are too fast for me right now).




The second is made from coat fabric I got for $4 a metre for another coat project that I ended up using a different fabric for. I knew as soon as I saw the Forester pattern testing come up that it was meant to be! 

Inside I used a few different silky linings and some of the leftover fleece from my round hooded version, as I didn't have enough one one lining fabric for the entire inside, but that's ok, as it's the inside, and they're complimentary colours!

I added both inside AND outside pockets, because one can never have too many pockets. And it has the back belt and sleeve tabs as well.

I'm 5'2", and both coats cover my caboose, which is great, as that area tends to get cold quickly.

I can wear a fleecy underneath, and am very tempted to make another Pathfinder Animal vest to go on underneath  and remove my removable hood on the occasions I pair both coat and vest together.

Actually....I could probably just hack an animal hood ONTO it - OMG - epiphany moment!  I'm totally doing that after work today!

 I can never be warm enough these days, so layering is extremely important.

Overall, the Forester Coat pattern is relatively easy despite the number of pattern pieces - challenge yourself and make yourself the perfect fitting coat today!  You'll be proud of yourself and look fabulous with the end results! 

Join the Twig + Tale Facebook group for any questions or to be inspired by others Forester coats (and beyond) - you'll love the whimsical feeling it will give you!

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