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Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Sewing Pattern Review: 5 out of 4's Virginia Tank, Skirt, and Dress!

This is one of 5 out of 4's simpler patterns I've sewn up, but it's classic and sassy all in one. 

With options for:
- Classic Tank Top (with 2 neckline options) 
- Knee or Maxi length skirt (with band height options)
- Dress option with either knee or maxi length, elastic casing or knit band waistband
- Skirts can be either knit or woven!
- Built in Bra options
- Full Bust Adjustment Options 
- Maternity option
- Pockets!!!
- Girls and Ladies Sizes


The tank top is the perfect length with a comfortable armcycle. 

It took me about half an hour from cut to done - and I'm a slow sewer!  

I love the smaller bands, and I didn't have any issues. 

What else can I say?

I LOVE the skirt - it sits just below my waist, and has the option to have pockets (oops - I forgot them in this version!). 

I made the knee length from a very light woven denim fabric, and the last of my fun lightweight cotton lycra cottage fabric for the band. 

Another 30 minute sew from cut to done. 

So essentially, an outfit in less than the time it takes to do laundry. 


Ok, I have to toot my own horn here. 

I LOVE this combo!  I created the knee length dress from 4 different fabrics.
- The top of the bodice is the last of my black Dri Fit fabric
- The Middle (above band) portion of the bodice is cotton lycra BATMAN fabric
- The band is Cotton Lycra Bird flying fabric
- The skirt/pockets are from a lightweight dress pants fabric that I won't be using since my office has gone totally casual dress (from business casual) since I've been working from home (March 2018) with my Chronic Vestibular Migraines. 

It's just lovely. 

I was so excited, I wore it out the same day I made it and got compliments from everyone - my parents, Husband...probably the parrot and dogs too. 

It's fun, sassy, and looks a bit classy if I don't say so myself! 

Sewing Wise, it took about an hour, but well worth it. 

I didn't actually have to gather the skirt too much to fit the band, and I pulled the knit band as I was sewing in order to obtain the ultimate fit. 

So go outside your comfort level, and mix and match fabrics to make an awesome fancy dinner dress for yourself, and go out that night to celebrate life! 

Or at least the fact that you have clean clothes on. 

And look Fab. 

You can even match your little one with both patterns!  

Sew On!

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