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Monday, 26 November 2018

Won't You Take Me to Comfy Town?

Choo Choo!  Welcome to your next stop on the Rebecca Page Comfy Town Blog Tour!

What is comfier than a cup of warm tea, coffee, or hot chocolate, a good book, and a stuffie? 

Having all of the above while wearing your comfy clothes!

Today I have a few hacks and tips for a few of my fave patterns by Rebecca Page Patterns.

The Paris Party Dress Top and Pippa Pants: The Oopsie Hack

Everything is better with stuffed Unicorns and Flamingos!

I always forget about the Paris Party Dress *TOP*. And I forgot how flattering and easy to make it was. (an easy sew = automatically comfy)

When I received my recent Water Tower Textiles order, I knew this striped lightweight cotton lycra was meant to be a Paris Party Top!

It is the perfect fit, matches with my Flamingo Pippas, and is super easy to grade (I am a Medium to XL in *most* Rebecca Page Patterns). 

The pants, however...let's just say - READ THE STRETCH REQUIREMENTS!

I failed to do this, as I was so excited to sew up my Flamingo fabric - which happens to be some lightweight sort of 2-way stretch fleece from a Walmart throw blanket.

So....when I tried on my Pippas, out came the seam ripper and my hacking noggin. 

The pants wouldn't come up over my thighs let alone to my hips, so I:

- Measured the existing fabric (with stretch), and realized I needed to add another 6" on either side to get these birds on my not-so-stick-legs
- The pants fit my knees to ankles, so I knew I didn't need to cut down past where my knee hit - so I cut a straight line down the length from where the pants should sit (without the band) to my knee.
- I cut a slight angle on either side of the slit to prevent wonkiness at the point (knee)
- fdfaf

And after all that, they fit perfectly!  And I now know to DEFINITELY size up the next time I don't use the proper stretch fabric for my Pippas.

The Strappy Cami and Pippa Pants

The Strappy Cami is a Subscription Only pattern - and it's SO comfy and easy to sew up.  The grading makes it fit like a glove. 

This is my fourth Cami AND pair of Pippas... I'm a bit obsessed. 

But the comfort of this outfit screams: "Curl up on the couch with a puppy at your feet while reading a book and sipping on some tea!"

I like this Camisole more than others because it also has a Ruched Side version. I'm a sucker for Ruching as it hides my imperfections and I can nom nom without it showing (ha ha).

The fabric is the same fabric as the Paris Top above, from Water Tower Textiles.

Gideon approves of my next comfy outfit!  

I LOVE this Comfy Cowl, and so does Husband.  He compliments me on my other two all the time, so why not add a third into the mix?  

I love the way it flows, the pocket option, and the cowl multi tasks as a head cover if I forget my hat!

Lightweight Cotton Lycra/Rayon from Water Tower Textiles.  Obviously I have a favourite Fabric supplier, and Patty has awesome "clearance" fabric - my favourite way to shop!

Another pair of Pippas (#5!), with some awesome Scaled Fabric from Okee Dokee Fabrics.  It's Double Brushed Polyester, and feels like a dream when I wear them!  

I can wear all of these garments to be comfy at home, work (I *do* work from my home office 98% of the time), or just running errands.  

I mean, who wants buttons, snaps, and tightness while succeeding at life? Not this girl!  

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  1. I love them! I love the lines and second fabric on your flamingo pants. It makes them pop! You're making me want to make a comfy cowl too. Would normal or heavier weight cotton lycra work for the main sweater or would it not be drapey enough?

    1. I have used a heavier C/L for another COmfy Cowl, and it worked just as well :) Just make sure the stretch is right (aka not stiff stretch cotton)

  2. Love your ingenious method of making your flamingo Pippas fit!! All your sewing pleases me, I love seeing you in your outfits. I hope you're really proud of your efforts! Stunning work.

    1. Thank you! I never waste a scrap of fabric ;)

  3. You are adorable and what a smart way to still wear the pippas. This is the ultimate Tim Gunn moment!

  4. I've bought a number of those fleece blankets to make things for the kiddos. Looks like I need to buy one for me (sized up of course!) Great looking stuff as usual!

    1. Thank you! The blanket had just enough stretch in it to be stretchy...but definitely size up a few sizes!

  5. SO entertaining, i especially love the scale ones.

  6. Oh love it and how you can mix and match with so many different options.

  7. I love the outfits! I love the idea of a mix and match comfy wardrobe <3

  8. I always love your photos! So much fun!

  9. I LOVE all your comfy clothes! You did a great job at making those flamingos work, and the result is some super cute Pippa's.

  10. Love your combinations 😍!