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Thursday, 22 November 2018

Be Very Very Quiet....The Rebecca Page Patterns Quiet Book Christmas Hack!

I love the Rebecca Page Quiet Book, and really enjoyed making their Advent Calendar last Winter. 

This brings me to meshing together two patterns into one 

Let me remind you of my original Quiet Book (with the Add on Pattern Pages).

With my newest idea,  I used 4 different patterns:

I started out with the most important part -Santa Claus!

This is part of the Quiet Book Add On, and was pretty simple. 

I used the boy pattern for the body, head, and hair. 

I freecut a felt beard and moustache - I just glued it on after Santa was fully stuffed and put together.

I used iron-on patch fabric to iron on the hand cut eyes, nose, mouth, and eyebrows (before sewing the head together with the body!), 

Glue gun came out again to glue the black belt (aka ribbon) around his waist, and a cute emerald rhinestone for the belt buckle. 

The hat is just two triangle pieces of felt sewn together at the side seams - I measured the Santa's head circumference before cutting, and it's the perfect fit.  I sewed lace on afterwards for the "fur" effect. So it's removable- and Santa has all of his hair!

A little button I glued on (oops - it was an afterthought) underneath the beard to really finish him off. 

Next was my first room.  I opted for the Pond from the Original Quiet Book, the Branch from the Quiet Book Add On, and used felt Icicles, Snowflakes, Skates, and Gloves from the Free Advent Calendar.

I glue gunned all the Advent Calendar pieces for this book - no one has time for that much sewing after all the cutting!  

For the Snowflakes, I glued cute silver rhinestones in the centre, and even added a little white snow puff on the branch (which is actually the "leaves" pattern of the original Quiet Book branch). 

The penguin is from the Quiet Book Add on - it was a "Chick" pattern, but I just hand cut a white belly, black wings, and black tail, used Brads as eyes and a beak, and sewed a snap onto the back (and a few on the page) to help with motor skill, and so he could move around on different pages. 

The skates were from the original Advent Calendar, but I traced around them to increase the pattern size by 1.5, and just glued them to the one layer of pond - I feel they are a cute touch. 

Here's Santa and the Girl Doll - the gloves are attached to a ribbon together, and can just be hung around her neck or stuck into one of the pond pockets.

The Living Room is from the first Quiet Book.  

I added in a hand drawn Christmas Tree adorned with Candy Canes, Star, a Gift, and Stocking from the Original Advent Calendar.  

The pictures of Santa and Snowman (from the Advent Calendar) are framed with frames from the Quiet Book Add On. 

I put Candy Canes from the Advent Calendar onto each side of the couch - a Merry cute touch!

Santa can pick up some of the items - like the Present and Stocking, which both have Snaps sewn onto their backs (and snaps are sewn under the tree).

The tree is decorated with rhinestone ribbon and Rhinestones. With a cute Advent Calendar Star on top, it's ready to be lit!

See how comfy that couch is??

The Bedroom is from the Original Quiet Book, and I included the Add On Advent Calendar Tardis & Sewing Machine. 

The Girl is dreaming of Tardis and Sewing Machines at night - both from the Avent Calendar Add On.

I used iron on patch fabric and buttons for the drawers & applique on the sewing machine, and felt for the sewing machine & Tardis. 

The Tardis does have a snap sewn on the back so it can move through space and time. It wouldn't be a Tardis otherwise!

The final room is the Kitchen, from the Quiet Book Add On

I've included Gingerbread Men, Bows, and the Wreath from the Original Advent Calendar

The oven dials are cute Tree Brads - so they actually turn (sort of). 

The Gingerbread Men and cake move thanks to more snaps - causing a lot of chaos (as that's what Gingerbread Men do!).

So be creative and make a few holiday pages for your Quiet Book!  Or start with a Christmas Quiet Book and add on more pages.  

I find with the add on, button holes and ribbon make it SO much easier to add as many pages as you like.  And it's super simple to turn the pages as well. 

I can't wait for my nieces' reactions to the book - double trouble with The Twins!

Share your creations on the Rebecca Page Facebook Page so we can all be inspired!

***Affiliate Links Above used - I love these patterns, and without the help of those who love their patterns, marketing would be extremely difficult for the pattern makers we love and learn to love. Affiliate links help with the hours, fabric, and tears that go behind testing each pattern in order to provide a real-person view on the patterns for you (and me!) 

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