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Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Dressing With Elegance - 5 out of 4 Patterns Mabel Ruffle Cowl Tunic

Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of every day life. 

That just about sums up my life. 

Sewing is my lifeline to fun, playfulness, and total utter creativity. 

It also makes me go outside of my comfort zone as far as fashion is concerned.

Ruffles? Me? Never...wait...Mabel changed my mind on that one. 

I created two  5 out of 4's Mabel Ruffle Cowl Tunic - each with a bit of adjustment or hack for the right fit. 

There are several options for this top:
- Regular or tunic length
- Short, 3/4, or full length sleeves
- Cowl or regular neckband
- Ruffled skirt bottom or plain skirted bottom

Mabel #1

I found My first Mabel to be a bit too roomy for my liking - the intent of the pattern *is* to have a bit more room in it - but this wasn't my style, but with assistance from Jessica (5 out of 4's Owner), I Graded Small on the entire front bodice, and graded from small to medium on the back piece to accommodate for my Caboose - and it worked!

I went from swayback to Sexy Back in a snap. the time it took for me to rip out my stretch seam from both sides and the ruffle at the seams, cut the front bodice to the small sizing only, resew the side seams, and reruffle and sew the ruffle again. 

Left pictures = Before Alteration

Right pictures = After Alteration

I do have issues lately due to Chronic Vestibular Migraine Brain. The easiest tasks take me at least twice as long as normal. 

But sewing gives me the greatest joy, so I persevere. 

Look at that Sexy back!

I love the flow of the ruffle - fun in light
Feminine yet sassy

I really like the length of the sleeves (a bit long so I can totally cover my hands when they get cold), and the drop of the ruffle at the back. 

It doesn't make me feel hippier, and the cowl is SO comfy.  With Winter Coming, covering my neck is a must. 

The cowl was super simple to make, and doesn't bunch up a lot, so it's not suffocating for those who have anti-neck touching issues. 

My fabric is a lovely Rayon Spandex from Water Tower Textiles. It's so soft - and at the same time, it's not clingy. It had some "discolouration" on the roll, so I got it for a steal. The same with the Wine coloured light sweater knit - also from Water Tower Textiles - I've used this in so many different clothing items. I only needed a scrap of it for the cowl inside, and I used the floral for the exterior portion of the cowl. 

I try to be $$ smart with fabric, as my funds towards it are quite limited. If I could get more, I totally would! 

Me thinking about more fabric

Mabel #2

My second Mabel isn't Promo Approved, but I love the slimmer fit. 

I just went straight Small and took 1" off the shorten/lengthen line, and voila. 

The only unfortunate part (that probably only a sewist would notice) is the back at the high hip takes a bit of bunching on - that's easily fixed with the Mabel #1 alteration of grading to medium at the hips. It would then lay flat. 

I paired the Eleanor Cardigan with this Mabel - see the matching Wine coloured sweater knit

I also went purely Water Tower Textiles with this version, pairing the Rayon floral pattern with a comfy lightweight cotton lycra pink and ivory striped fabric. 

I also went with the regular band vs cowl on this version - I think it looks good either way, and makes it versatile for all seasons. 

Glasses to help my brain connect with my eyes properly - Husband finds them ultimately sexy, so this is apparently my favourite pose for him now. *sigh* MEN!

So you can alter the Mabel pattern to truly accentuate your body in a positive way. Even the ladies testing with me who weren't sure about ruffles were converted to the Ruffle Side. 

***Affiliate Links Above used - I love these patterns, and without the help of those who love their patterns, marketing would be extremely difficult for the pattern makers we love and learn to love. Affiliate links help with the hours, fabric, and tears that go behind testing each pattern in order to provide a real-person view on the patterns for you (and me!) 

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