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Saturday, 5 May 2018

Me Made May - May 5th!

So Me Made May continues (go here to find out more details - it's not too late to make yourself accountable for a me-made wardrobe!) with early morning fishing. 

We ended up not going up to camp this weekend, as there is 2 feet of water on the lowest part of the main road from the river, and it's apparently gone up another 6" overnight!  So glad we're not there, as with no Interweb and being totally off grid, we'd have no idea until we attempted to get home Sunday!  

Mind you, a Hovercraft could get us through without any issues. 

Today I woke up at normal work time (5am), and Husband was excited to go fishing. So we went fishing.  

But who says fishing has to be unstylish?  

I threw on some oldies but goodies in my wardrobe this morning:

- Halla Patterns Soho Top

This is one of the first patterns I sewed up last year (when I started sewing my wardrobe), and made me fall in love with Halla.  

I repurposed an old sweatshirt for the turquoise pocket and cuffs, the white is a cheap Fabricland fabric I'd meant for a work top, and the feathered fabric is from Black Rabbit Fabrics 

The only thing I would change, is using regular tunic version vs the tall version - it's a bit long, but still comfy.

I *do* need more pullovers/hoodies though - I lack this in my wardrobe and will make one this month, especially since I'm currently working at home full time. The basement is cold, and I've become a hoodie hog. 

- More 2 Hug's Cozy Sunday Pants

I do have a complimentary Sunday Top with a front wrap and hood that goes perfectly with these pants too!  

I did add a cuff to the bottom, have side pockets, and tie front.  

They are SUPER comfy and I wear them often at home and at camp.

The fabric is from Black Rabbit Fabrics again, and very Canadian, eh!  

I don't lack pants, so this is something I certainly don't need to focus on in my current wardrobe. 

Anyhow, back to sewing up a new Rebecca Page Pattern (it's adorable!!!) that I feel everyone will love and be inspired by!  

And remember:  It's Gonna Be May!

Justin Does not appear impressed by Fishing 

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