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Monday, 14 May 2018

Me Made May - May 13 & 14 - The Tardis Dress, G + G Bonnet, and an Amelia-Eden Combo


Yesterday I didn't post.

I have a good reason.

I am a Doctor Who Fan.

I met Matt freaking Smith.

It was pretty awesome!  And SOOOOO worth all the lines we waited in!

This is our excited look.

We have arrived to Ottawa Comicon 2018! And are waiting in Line #1

Comparison Picture from Comicon Montreal 2017 

Comparison Picture from 2016 Ottawa Comicon - I'll change my costume up for next year!

We're in line waiting for MATT SMITH PHOTO OP!


We found DALEKS!

We're in Line Gazillion waiting to hear Matt Smith Speak!

This is Matt being my boyfriend, and my friend being "The Other Woman." I mean, he's in the Tardis more than his wife, River Song, afterall.

I'm on the Left!  The Other Woman is on the Right. Matt is like Putty in my hands. I even brought him Fish Sticks and Custard!

This is a family of 4 who spent 2 months making their Bender Costumes!  I hope they keep them, and set them up throughout their home like Knights in Shining Armour.  That's what I'd do.

Remember to praise people who put awesome efforts into their costumes - it will make their day!

What did I sport for Comicon?

- The George + Ginger Bonnet

This is a free pattern as part of her music festival collection, and as soon as I saw it, I KNEW I needed it for my costume.

With Fluorescent lighting and possible sun exposure, my vestibular migraine brain wasn't going to be happy without protection.  And this bonnet a) fit the costume perfectly, and b) protected me from full blown vertigo! 

I even had some fabric from my Tardis Costume making, so used the same crepe brown fabric and some Tardis blue lining for the perfect drape.



- My Tardis Dress

I believe this is a Simplicity Pattern - I made this costume 4 or 5 years ago, but have worn it to 6-7 events since. It's always a hit! 

I lurv it! 

It includes: Corset (my first handmade!), top, bustled skirt with front ruching ties (I added those last year for aeration - it gets WARM and is great for venting - ha ha), and my half coat (there's a name for them, but it escapes me).

Don't ask how many hours it took me to cut and make this costume, but it has more than made up for it.

Matt's NOT the first Doctor I've met.


Fake David
So not as exciting today, but I Me Made May today, albeit some of it a repeat from May the 4th. 


Outfit for Monday, May 14th!

Today I'm sporting another repeat (aka cold basement and yoga before work) - my Star Wars Eden Leggings, and newest Amelia Top.

They seem to go together, so I'm happy.

Bella Sunshine Designs Eden Leggings

I wore these on May the 4th, and I proudly wear them again today.

More on my Eden adventure here

Bella Sunshine Designs Amelia Top

I just whipped up this sleeveless Amelia from an old Old Navy dress that never fit right, and some flowy woven fabric from Fabricland.

Together they're like Milk & Cookies; Apart, they are sad like someone who just ate liver and spinach.

I tested Amelia a year ago, and my thoughts still stand true!

Sew On!

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