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Friday, 24 May 2019

It's Love - The Lily Leggings by Rebecca Page Patterns

OMG Becky. Look at Her Butt. 

I do feel pretty amazeballs in the Rebecca Page Lily Leggings.  

I did not make a muslin version (aka practice pair), knowing that I can trust both the RP sizing AND their description as to how their garments fit. 

The Lily Leggings are just magical. 

And come with a plethora of options:
- Plain (nothing fancy)
- Chevrons for front and/or back
- Bum panel
- Cuffs
- Elastic or non elastic waistband
- Back pocket

I opted for the chevrons on the back legs, bum panel, no cuffs, no pocket (I know - shocking that I did not put pockets in something).

Look how amazing this pattern makes my behind look - yes, I'm asking you to look!  The curve fits perfectly while sewn in, and I didn't even clip the curve corners.  

I topstitched everywhere for a professional look, and I'm pretty proud of myself.

I paired mine with the Talia Top, which makes me feel really good in these as I try to gain my balance and momentum to get back into pre-Vestibular Migraine shape. 

And hey, I found out Talia can also be tied in a knot when Shawn T gets me really sweaty working out.

I do have to keep in mind, a year ago, I could barely walk a block or even up and down the stairs without almost falling or shuffling. That's led to a 30lb weight gain. 

But Always look to see how far you have come.

And How amazing I feel in these leggings.  

There's no weird pressure on my waist/hips (my hips tend to hurt when compressed in leggings), so I'm able to be flexible without pain. 

The fabrics I used - I have no idea what specific types they are, other than athletic-specific fabrics.

The main front blue fabric is from Zenith & Quasar - from a mystery pack I ordered from a sew-a-long I won for my Doctor Who outfit.


The black zippy fabric is a Black Stripe Knit from Black Rabbit Fabrics (Canada) - and actually cut from my first pair of leggings that I made 2.5 years ago that just weren't working for my body any more. The fabric is still so durable and in great shape, I felt it would want to be leggings again. 

And finally, the Pac Man from a pair of leggings I got from that never fit right. At one point I did put a side seam in with extra fabric and changed the waistband...but wasn't happy with the fit still. So Pac Man got folded up, and called my name when I was putting Lily together. 

So - reduce, reuse, recycle - don't throw out awesome fabrics (but don't hoard either! Unless you're organized about it). 

I am still in awe of this pattern - I feel I have found my new leggings pattern as they just make me feel amazing. And I can use up scraps of fabric to make fabulous visual combos. 

For example...the black stripes on the side - I did not have the full length in one line...but each side actually has two pieces of fabric cut, sewn together, top stitched where the seam is, and then placed as per pattern instructions. 

I did the same scrap busting with the back waistband - I made each of the two back waistband pieces by putting together two pieces of fabric, as I lacked the full length and top stitching to make them singular pieces. 


I hope you try out the Lilys - my hips don't lie and feel you must give them a go!  

***Affiliate Links Above used - I love these patterns, and without the help of those who love their patterns, marketing would be extremely difficult for the pattern makers we love and learn to love. Affiliate links help with the hours, fabric, and tears that go behind testing each pattern in order to provide a real-person view on the patterns for you (and me!)  

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