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Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Va-Voom - 5 Out of 4's Laura Bra, Bikini, Top, Swim Top, and Dress Sewing Pattern Review

Life is simple. It's just not easy. 

The 5 out of 4 Laura pattern is like that - simple looking, but takes some TLC and time to create. 

Offering several options to explore:
- Bikini or bra top
- One Piece Swim Suit
- Tankini or every-day top
- Two dress Lengths
- Sleeveless, Short Flutter, or Full Flutter Sleeves
- Clasp or Tie Back Closure
- High or Low "V" Neck

Fighting a bad bought of loneliness & depression, Life, having a rough go with my Vestibular Migraine issues due to stress, and hurting my shoulder overnight by sleeping weird, I really wanted to make up 2-3 different versions but here's my version I did end up making. 

And as crappy as my life is right now, it really made me feel better. 

I got my back tie spot on - and it really makes my back look slender.  The sleeves stay on perfectly, and I love the short flutter sleeves. 

I used a lovely DBP from the Fab Clique - a nice change from my normal fabric place.  They had a massive sale special a few months back - the only reason I ordered with the USD to CAD exchange and silly shipping charges. It made sampling a non-Canadian fabric company reasonable. 

It's soooo soft and has a nice stretch.  


Side angle, the front sits  flat, the armcycle is comfortable, and I love the underbust band. 

While making Laura, you essentially make the bra part first, and add the skirt or swim bottoms on as the last part. 

I did forget to make the built in bra cup section in my final version (my test version I remembered and it has built in cups), so I made a note on the first page of instructions to make the built in bra section first!  

There is a LOT of elastic in this pattern as well - the arm holes, neckband, underbust...a labour of love, but well worth it. 

Laura is slimming and I love that I can just wear it as a top (I'm not a huge dress person, and have enough swim tops for now). 

I almost forgot - the sleeves also have a button option - with a tab and a sewn on button - to bring the sleeves in more.  This is a look I LOVE. 

I kept at a small size the whole way - whereas normally I'd grade to a Large for my big caboose and waist. As the band is part of the underbust, it's best just to go with your bust size to prevent weirdness in where the skirt and band meet...unless you'd prefer a, "fuller," skirt. 

Overall, I love this top, and can't wait to get my sewjo back on and sew up a few more version.  

I paired mine with my trusty Zen Pants - a great casual or office wear pants pattern!

I hope you take the plunge with Laura too - as it's really a pattern to be proud of once it's all sewn up!

***Affiliate Links Above used - I love these patterns, and without the help of those who love their patterns, marketing would be extremely difficult for the pattern makers we love and learn to love. Affiliate links help with the hours, fabric, and tears that go behind testing each pattern in order to provide a real-person view on the patterns for you (and me!) 

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