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Monday, 6 May 2019

Embrace My Rival! The George + Ginger Rival Dress Sewing Pattern Review

George + Ginger Patterns are one of my fashion go-to patterns when I want to be a bit edgy and different. 

I've seen Kristi (the designer) go from a large PDF Pattern designer to actually designing clothes for Fashion Runways across the Globe.  

And she's STILL designing so us regular folk can still look fabulous!

She brought out an updated version of the Rival Dress in a cool manner - by posting the pattern for Free for 24 hours, and requesting that all who downloaded it made it for testing purposes, provided feedback and final photos, and voila! 

There are so many great photographs from ladies who normally don't have the opportunity to test for Kristi (I've applied 3 times in the past - it's like a brick wall, and honestly, I'm probably just too silly and not trendy enough). I think this is a rather amazing way to test though, and we get to see new faces who perhaps don't have the opportunity to test too often. 

The above shows my newest Rival (circa 2019), and my first Rival Dress (circa 2017).  

Gawd, I take ridiculous pictures!

Anyhow - I love how it hugs my curves in all the right spots, and has POCKETS on the sides - really you can't go wrong with pockets. 

And now with more experience, I notice the side panels are kind of like my first Princess seam experience!

Of course I opted for the hood option - although you can go cowl or regular banded as well - I just like that I can hide out in my hood one minute and be out and about the next. 

Everything is so simple to sew together - there's really nothing complicated about sewing this pattern together. 

I need to hack it into a top - because it would make an awesome hoodie!  

I'm 5'-2", so you can see how short the hem is - it does go well with tights or leggings in the winter (trust, me I did this with my older Rival many times)

I used sweater knit from Water Tower Textiles - and they're perfect together!

So...don't hide out too long, and try sewing the Rival for yourself - it looks great on all shapes and sizes, and is super easy to grade - I currently grade from her size 8 for bust to size 14 for hips and waist. 

1 comment:

  1. Haha, I noticed the hood before you made a mention about it. I noticed hoods in your posts before, had a feeling you liked them. I also really love the photos of your earlier version!
    Thanks for the link, I just pinned this, so I can get this pattern later on. I think this is exactly the kind of garment I'd love!