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Sunday, 22 July 2018

Sewing Pattern Review: Rebecca Page Family Passport Wallet


Have lots of important paperwork you need to have in your purse regularly?

Love your make up brushes to be organized?

What about your art supplies?

The Rebecca Page Family Passport Wallet is a simple sew, and a great way to use up scrappy fabrics, and fulfill the above needs!

I like that there are options for the closure - magnetic, button, snaps, or ribbon (and beyond!), and that it's large enough to hold all of our essential paperwork all in one handy personalized location.

The instructions are simple and easy to follow - but make sure you use the proper interfacing and fabric as per instructions!  

For my first wallet attempt, I had just inherited a Rubbermaid container (one of those big blue bins) FULL of fleece fabric from my mother-in-law's sister.  

Yay for her downgrading her house and sewing supplies!  

Boo for me using fleece instead of the instructed interfacing as the interfacing inside the lining and fabric pieces. 

This made for a much thicker than intended wallet - definitely not suitable for passports. 

But perfect for holding my paint brushes - or make up brushes, crayons - you get the picture. 

I used a normal cotton for the exterior, and the lining is a soft silky lining fabric that I only had scrappy bits of.

You can also hack the wallet and shorten the length to make it into a wallet, or just keep important papers, like insurance documents or receipts!  

It's a quick and easy sew with a bit of ironing and interfacing for a clean crisp finish. 

The pockets are easy to make, and keep everyone's paperwork separate and easy access.

I especially like the use of scraps to create this pattern.

For my passport wallet, I used all cotton - a striped blue print, owl print, and a Caique parrot tropical print from a dress I bought on impulse several years ago, but could never wear as it looked like a moo moo sack on me. 

Caique fabric makes a great tropical passport wallet though!

Overall, it's a quick sew and one more way to help get your life more organized!

And really - you'll be the most stylish traveller in the airport!

Get your free Passport pattern here, and whether it's for passports, crayons, make up brushes, paint brushes (or more!), it's an easy scrap buster sew with a well finished end result. 

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