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Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Sewing Pattern Review: Wardrobe By Me's Summer Skirt and Classic T-Shirt

Wardrobe By Me's, Christina, creates wardrobe staples that are fashionable, yet can be worn for longer than one season.

Her newest pattern releases are both trendy and classic, and pair well with each other or as separates. 

The Summer Skirt

This skirt has a few key features, leaving us with a pretty and flirty faux wrap skirt look. 

- 3 lengths (above knee, knee, and below knee)
- 2 ruffle widths (3" or 5")
- Back elasticized waist band

Sewing the skirt went quicker than anticipated for both of mine, and the instructions were clear and easy to follow.  

I do recommend marking your left front edge and right front edges, as they can appear similar to the sides (which are sewn to the back skirt piece). 

So remember to always place your pieces with pins before sewing to ensure you are following the instructions and pictures provided. 

I had to look a few times with my first skirt to ensure proper placement, but that's my brain fog and migraines at work. 

The band was easy to sew up, and even with the elasticized back band, it doesn't make my behind look larger - rather gives it a cute flirty look!  

The ruffles took the longest - so I just Netflix and Chilled while slowly pulling the gathering threads, and then pinning the ruffles onto the skirt edge. 

Personally, as there were several sections of fabric I sewed up to make the entire length of the ruffles, I made one sew of gathering stitches per section of ruffles - as close to the seams in-between. Then, if one of the threads broke while pulling, it was only a small section that had to be re-gathered vs the whole length. This tactic seems to work well for me while gathering, and I haven't had any gathers break since I started sewing smaller lengths of thread for gathering. 

I'm sure there's proper terminology for the above, but my brain can't think of it. 

I raised my foot level up slightly to allow for the extra fabric underneath the foot while sewing, and didn't have any issues. 

The end result are two great Summer Skirts for me to wear at play and in the office.

The Classic T-Shirt

This t-shirt is a quick and easy sew - and perfect for a less-fitted t-shirt. 

It pairs quite well with the Summer Skirt, a pair of Urban Sweatpants, or the Frida Shorts.

It's simple, yet comfortable and classic with a Crew Neckline and relaxed fit. It's long enough to tuck into pants or skirts, but also short enough to be worn freely too!

It took me about half an hour from cut to finish to complete my t-shirt - much quicker than a load of laundry!  

The instructions are easy to follow and a great basic staple for any woman's wardrobe. 

The arms aren't too tight, and it's just really comfortable to wear. 

I like that it uses a low 2-way stretch knit - so those cheaper knits at the local Fabricland are perfect, as they have minimal stretch, but are also economical to purchase. 

Thank you Christina for increasing my Wardrobe yet again!

Sew On!

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