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Monday, 7 May 2018

Me Made May - May 7th!

I'm working in style today!

Today I'm sporting an awesome outfit - all pieces from different pattern designers.

The George + Ginger Bonnaroo Tank

Part of her new Music Festival collection, I LOVED the shape and cute bows on the straps immediately.

Music Festivals, not so much, due to lack of energy and funds to attend said festivals. If I were well off, I'd totally Music festival hop and make it my day job.

Until then, I'll whip up the occasional Bonnaroo Tank, colour blocked out of not-enough-fabric necessity.

I did sew up the bow pieces originally, but ripped them out, as the fabric was too thick (spandex), and the bows just looked silly.

I am opting now just for lace bows - they sit flat, and still look cute.

Plus, LACE = Pretty!

- The Rebecca Page Infiniti Scarf

I love infiniti scarves, and this pattern seemed to warm me up today!

While making it, the only part I had troubles with was the sewing the tube seam - so I winged it, and made it work for me.

I also cut the width to 10" due to lack of fabric, and I really wanted to use up the rest of my purple chiffony fabric.

It's perfect without being too bulky!

- New Horizons Pierside Pencil Skirt

I love the feel, length, and I can even wear this when it's really warm out thanks to the side slits.

Learn more about it in my previous post

- The Made for Mermaids Mama Victoria Thong (ooh-la-la)

I really need to add more to my wardrobe, but have lacked the time and energy.

Not that they are a difficult sew, I've had so many side projects and life on the go.

See my take on the Mama Victoria AND Bridgette on my most recent blog post

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