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Thursday, 3 May 2018

Me Made May - May 3rd!

Welcome Back!

It's Gonna Be May continues with my unintentional (yet intended) co-ordinating outfit - I even made my pants today.

Sorry to those who wanted a no-pants-party - not happening, even while I'm working from home.

Today's me-made attire consists of:

- Bella Sunshine Designs Maggie Top - long sleeves, tunic length, with scoop neck

I also repurposed a stupid small t-shirt I got from (everything is too small there, even when you think you order the right size!), hence the square unicorn.

But see what I did there?  I am a Unicorn amongst a field of Deer - I'm hilarious! Right?!?

- Bella Sunshine Designs Eden Leggings - capris length mid rise band.

I'll show you a picture of my band from my original photos, but it sparkles, and everyone needs a bit of sparkle in their life. And unicorns.

I'm 5'-2", and took 2-3" off my leggings to obtain the capris length (otherwise they would look like short full length leggings, and that's just insanity!), AND I won this fabric through a fast finger Auction with Okee Dokee Fabrics.

And the fabric length really only went the length of my leggings. And it worked out for me! 

I'm good at improvising!

Alternatively, with short fabric lengths, I colour block - both for fun and to use up scrap fabrics, but also because of fabric length or width limitations. This happens way too often to me.

I need a sewing fabric Sugar Momma. I'd totally promote all the fabric in such a fabulous way that everyone would want it!

That will happen as likely as me winning the LottoMax.

- Twig + Tales' new Forester Coat - Round hood (HOODS!), welt pockets, back belt, and Unicorn Fabric as part of the lining!!

The lining in the coat has 3 different fabrics, as I lacked one solid lining colour. AND I really wanted to use my fleecette unicorn fabric in a coat. Twig + Tale screams whimsy, thus this was the perfect coat for it.

The outside is a slightly stretchy fleece - not recommended for the coat, however, I sized down and the width has the no-stretch fleece fabric, and the length has the under 20% stretch portion of the fabric (I can't think of the correct terminology right now - thank you Vestibular Migraine Brain Fog!), so it worked out well.

And of course, Justin joined me to sing out, "It's Gonna Be May," with me again - our daily ritual this month!

I'm sporting my new TheraSpecs (anti-migraine glasses) so I can look like a cool singer like Justin or Bono. Maybe they have migraines too? Cool!

Try out one or all of these patterns - the leggings and top will take you less than a few hours, and the coat will be a bit more of an adventure for a few afternoons - but well worth the labour of love!

Sew On!

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