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Thursday, 10 May 2018

Me Made May Day 10 - G + G Super Sleeve Top and Rebecca Page's Circle Cardigan

So, today I am wearing a repeat.

It's cold in our basement where my home office unless it's a maxi skirt, I'm somewhat limited with my pants.

PLUS I wanted to match my top.

Me Made May...I'm still wearing all me-made clothes with 66% unworn previously this May. So it's counts.

Today's frock includes:

Rebecca Page's Pippa Pants

I love them. They are cozy, fit perfect, and make me happy.

I don't care that I've worn them twice in a week.

Check out full details here

George + Ginger's Super Sleeve Top

I admit I bombed this one. I love the fit of all my G + G patterns, but I chose the wrong fabric for the sleeves.

The fox fabric is a Cotton Lycra Interlock - WAY too thick for the flutter sleeves I was going for.

I colour blocked the top part of the bodice due to lack of fabric, and matched it with my Tardis Blue Cotton Lycra.

I just do it - I seem to colour block more these days as I want to get every inch out of the amazing fabrics I find!

So I took off the flutter sleeves, hoped that the arm holes weren't totally geared for sleeves, and made it into a Tank Top instead. With self-drafted binding with some lycra fabric. And it works!

In hindsight, I could of just cut some of the blue fabric I have left (much lighter) to make the sleeves again, but it's coming close to summer, and I couldn't be bothered.

So not so much a super sleeve, but I don't have as many tank tops as I thought I did. So it worked out in the end.

Rebecca Page's Circle Cardie

I love my Circle Cardie - it's under an hour from cut to finished, and I love the waterfall cascade.

As I'm always cold, this is the perfect year round Cardigan for me! 

More on the Cardie in a previous post!

Sew On!

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