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Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Insanity Max 30 Month 2: Max Out Strength

This routine is similar to Month One's Tabata Strength.

But the moves are 45 seconds long with a 15 minute stretch "break" in-between.

Don't be fooled by "break" in the world of Shaun T - he doesn't really mean it.

Oh, but I'm sort of kind of starting to see some Rambo muscles going on. So his whip it attitude is doing something for me besides sweating gallons and cursing his very presence in my living room.

See...that little dent in the looks much better in person!
Back to hating on Shaun T (I love him, but I don't).

5 Minute Warm up - again, don't be fooled - you can Max Out in his warm ups!

None of the moves are repeated.

Split Plyo Lunge - Chair pose to alternating rear lunges - arms are up in the air the entire time

Plunge Plyo Squat - Chair to moving alternative side squats - arms go in and out with the move

2 Hop Squats - 2 Lunges - 2 Pulsing Squats, turn to side for 2 pulsing lunges - Alternate moves & sides

Hop Squat Lunge - Same as above, but only single pulses (no doubles)

Squat Thrust Lunge - Alternate single side lunge to centre, then squat with a thrust (aka tighten your behind) at the top - alternate lunge sides.

Squat Thrust - Squat with hands crossed at the front, stand up with a thrust and arms to the behind (kind of kinky!)

Push Up Jack Tap - Push up and tap alternate shoulder with hand at the top

Push Up Jack - In the modified version (aka me) - it's just a modified push up.

Plank Jack Push Up - Plank and side jacks - alternating legs

Plank Walk Push Ups - Push up and move alternating arm to side - similar to alternating push ups

Knee Push UP - Self explanatory, but a wider push up than the previous push up moves

8 Count Knee Push Up - Shaun T is a Jerk!  This move is self explanatory

Floor Switch Kicks - Lifting body like the top of triceps pushes, lift your butt off the ground - lift and kick alternating legs.  Similar to a standing swtich kick, just at a 90 degree angle.

Tricep Reach Kick - On your behind with legs bent, touch alternating foot with alternate hand.

Tricep Knee Taps - Tricep hold butt off ground, legs bent, and bring alternate knees to chest.

Tuck Extension - Start by laying on your back, come up and bring alternate knee to hand (meeting at the waist)

Floor Tuck Jumps - On your behind, hands on floor beside butt, knees bent and feet off the ground - these are like crunches, but pulsing very quickly.

Speed Knee and Ab - Head up and legs straight, bring hands to alternate knee in an oblique crunch

Tricep Push Up Jack - Plank and jack out alternating legs

Dive Push Up - On knees with hands close together, push up and hold at the top for a few seconds.

Lat Push Ups Alt - Body stays centred, but the hands move so you alternate push ups on either side

Knee Push Up Pulse - Low pulsing push ups - THE BURNING!

8 Count Knee Push Up - Slow knee push ups. Curse you, Shaun T!

Low Plank Hold - just that - knees off the ground, but low to ground.  SO difficult, but I did it!

Calorie Burn = Approximately 424 in 30 minutes.

One more work out in month 2 before they start repeating - I ought to be finished in 3-4 weeks or so, as sometimes biking gets in the way, or my CFS acts up, and I literally can't move and need a day off.

On a side note, as we're really making a conscious effort not to really drink alcohol, I find beer pint glasses make AWESOME water glasses for my workouts - they hold SO much more water than normal glasses!

Fake beer (aka Water)

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