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Wednesday, 24 July 2019

Useful Sewing Tool: The Rebecca Page Pattern Weights

I love my rotary cutter and cutting mat. 

I don't love my pattern pieces moving while I'm cutting. 

And I certainly don't love pinning patterns to fabric so I can use my efficient rotary cutter. 

I tried out the new Rebecca Page Pattern Weights, and they are a sewing game changer!

They are perfect for scrap pieces of woven fabric that you still covet (and can now covet in your regular sewing routine!). 

You can use a plethora of different "weight" material. 

I've tried a few different types, and here is my take:

1) Rice: lightweight and not the heaviest for actually weighing down the pattern paper. 

Really annoying to stuff the 1/2" border with.  

I did use a piece of paper formed into a cone shape to help make filling easier for both the rice and stone bead gems. It really makes it easier!

2) Little stone bead gems meant for a fairy garden (a la Dollarama): Husband weighed them out at 1 oz - I thought it was a decent weight, but then he  suggested #3. 

They were a bit tedious to fill with the paper cone, but easier than the rice. 

3) BB Pellets: Husband has a BB Pellet Gun and used it twice. It has been sitting in our trailer for the last 2 years unused, and he gave his blessing for me to use them for the weights.  

They are Ama-y-zing. 2 ounces of weight, and by far my favourite to use.

I just poured them into a shallow container, and just placed them in 5-6 at a time, pushed them through the border, and they were almost the quickest weight material to use. 

4) Old washers from Husband's unorganized collection of nuts/bolts/screws/etc.  He came upstairs while I used these and got mad. Apparently the rusty washers were still useful.  He even tried to show me they paired up with screws in the same container, but failed miserably.  

That's when he suggested the BB Pellets. 

These were the quickest weight material to use.

Stuffing the 1/2" border is the longest part of making these weights, but you only have to do it once, and that's it. 

I just Netflix binged a few shows while stuffing the borders - it was relaxing doing that and I didn't really have to pay attention to what I was doing once the sewing machine part was done. 

Try to make your own Pattern Weights with this FREE pattern (yay FREE!), and let me know how it goes. 

***Affiliate Links Above used - I love these patterns, and without the help of those who love their patterns, marketing would be extremely difficult for the pattern makers we love and learn to love. Affiliate links help with the hours, fabric, and tears that go behind testing each pattern in order to provide a real-person view on the patterns for you (and me!) 


  1. I told myself that I didn't need more pattern weights but this made me change my mind. Already cut out some squares and ordered some BB pellets. Thank you.

  2. You'll enjoy it - let me know how it goes!