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Friday, 11 January 2019

Gideon Update: The Brave Ridgeback

So it's been a month since we discovered Gideon's osteosarcoma.

The first few weeks we went through the entire grieving process - crying several times a day, watching his every move, hoping he would make it through Christmas, and New Year's Eve if we were fortunate. 

Gideon is a strong motherf*cker.

I've taken pictures every day he is with us. He deserves a paparazzi entourage afterall. 

December 6th - before diagnoses - left front paw looks swollen to us...

So out went the no-human food rules - Gideon gets a bit of whatever protein we are eating.   This particular cancer is slowed down by Proteins, but LOVES carbs - so minimal to no carbs for Princess Gideon.

Gideon with his stuffie Boa - it's actually the Caterpillar toy he had at the breeder's that we took home with him.


So that food thing...he now demands ALL THE FOOD.  His 
sense of hearing certainly hasn't diminished. 

We snuggle a lot more, and he likes to grab our arms with either of his paws.  He uses them like hooks. And still has brute strength. 

We take silly pictures EVERY day. I want to remember every moment. Every detail. And he's such a good sport. 

Wrapped up napping with one of his oldest blankets - he spends a LOT of time sleeping. I can't hear weird sounds or gasping - Fynn's snoring is louder than Gideons. 

I am always aware of his breathing - every sneeze, the rare cough, whining....I worry.

When he made it to Christmas day I mocked his sleepy sad face, but we were ecstatic. 


We snuggled and watched Love Actually while Husband fell asleep 5 minutes in. 

Gideon and I shared ice cream and cheese. Not together, because that's just gross. 

One of the last times Gideon joined me in the basement while I worked. 

He slid down the stairs Christmas Eve (hence why the above was SO important), as his nails and feet don't have a lot of grip, and his front paw going downstairs likely doesn't like the pressure of his whole body coming down on it. 

So to prevent future slippage and risking his leg shattering (which is a great possibility with the tumour wrapping itself around his ankle bones), we brought all the extra pillows, couch cushions, and comforters into the living room, and made it into a pillow room. 

He can jump off the couches or ottoman onto couch cushions to help ease the jumping feeling, and Husband and I sleep in the living room now. Sometimes both of us, other times one of us goes upstairs as our backs can't take the floor (if Fynn or Gideon decide to sleep on the couches). 

Fynn loves being able to plop his behind down on the cushioned floor - it's a possibility we may leave it this way (ha ha) 

Eating Ice Cream is exhasting - PROOF Above!

Many friends have come over to say hi (and bye) to Gideon. He has touched so many people, and they understand what he means to us. 

Fynn still tries to cuddle up with Gideon, but it's usually awkward. 

Like Fynn.

Life is exhausting, but he knows we are always close by.

If Husband works at home, I can go into the office in the morning to work through my Vestibular Migraine symptoms. I fear if he is alone, I'll come home to him broken and howling. 

Gideon enjoying Christmas Paper!

This is what we do most nights. The dogs tend to rotate between the couch and Ottoman. 

He loves going outside in the snow. It's actually a good time of the year, as it cushions his jumping. 

He sniffs the air, wags his tail, and looks so content.

Puppies with their bandanas I made them - Gideon's lasted an hour before he took it off.  Fynn is used to a Bandana, so it's still on him after a few weeks. 

I'm going to miss his mahogany brown eyes.

He's also getting tired of Selfies.

I feel we are making him pretty comfortable.

And his tail wagging = totally worth it!

The Tardis pillow is soft for him - he likes to put his left leg on pillows to have a softer base - I can only imagine how annoying it feels. I think it itches him, as he licks his paw a lot. 

I'm going to miss his silly right ear that sticks up (always). He had a few ear infections as a puppy, and despite medication, his Right ear always stands slightly upwards. 

I wish I could just cut out that tumour, and have you with us forever. 

I wish I could run my fingers up and down your ridge forever. It may not be perfect show standards, but it's perfect for us.

So we are trying to get his paw print stamped, but with both front feet sore, he no longer likes us touching his feet. 

Husband isn't keen on helping (despite him also wanting the paw print), so it's been frustrating. 

We've tried paint, 3 different ink pads, 3 different types of paper, and spent a chunk of change on getting what we need for it. 

The vet clinic apparently has a vet tech who stamps dogs paw prints (after he is gone :( ), we just need to provide the paper and ink.  

We have the best stamping paper ever, and a super large ink pad, so I feel we will trust her to do his paws justice. 

Gideon loves sleeping and cuddling- he does a lot of this with Husband. On the ground.

He made it to New Year's Eve!

We left our friends at 11pm so we could join the dogs to cheer in the new year. 


Sunshine and Stuffies - he finally got front row spot away from Fynn - in front of the sliding door.  

We get sunshine all afternoon, and he LOVES sleeping in its warmth. 

He LOVES belly rubs. Both because we are touching him and it's probably itchy. 

His front is a bit scabby, and near his special spot he licks too much now at times, thus it's a bit tender. 

This is one of the few DOG things Gideon actually does. 

He learned how to drink from the toilet from Fynn. Now he refuses to drink from a bowl - it must be the toilet. 

If he's scared, he will bark at it.

When one of us comes home, he drinks from it. 

After one of us uses it, he drinks from it. 

He's a strange one.

I lost my sewjo in December. But January 1st, I decided to sew up a Halla Essie Cardigan. 

I love this pattern, and it's beautiful.  

Sigh. Gideon giving stink eye to silly Fynn. They are total opposites, but Fynn won't leave Gideon's side. 

Moments after this picture, Gideon got steak. Directly from Husband's mouth. 


I'll miss his soulful eyes. 

His Grandparents have visited a few times - Gideon loves them, and I'm pretty sure they love Gideon too. 

I hate you, Osteosarcoma Tumour. 

Gideon loves Katy - and playing tug of war with her was fun/

Gideon loves being a Diva. Paparazzi Katy helped make him feel like a star!

I've decided to just put articles of clothing on Gideon daily now for his pictures. 

He's such a good sport.

Head scratches with feet are acceptable.

I will miss his serious, watchdog, protective face. He's always been an old soul.

I will really miss driving up to camp with him not looking over the back seat the entire 2 hour drive. 

Dave. Gideon slept with Dave most of the time when he joined us at camp this fall. 

Giddy decided to play "hit the Dave" when he visited, and kept whacking Dave with his paw. Dave joined in too - it was the most adorable thing ever. 

It breaks my heart to see the love from others towards Gideon. 

He just is an amazing entity in life. We could hope to be as amazing as Gideon is in life. 

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