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Thursday, 12 July 2018

Sewing Pattern Review: Twig & Tale's Breeze Top

The Twig + Tale Breeze Shirt is made for warmer weather, using lightweight fabrics to give both a nice flow and protection from the sun.

And it's one of the few tops that I have made that Husband compliments each time I wear it (okay, ones that bear cleavage always get a Va-voom). So he approves of the overall fit and style!

It has a few options - shirt length or tunic length.

I opted for the shirt length, which for my 5'2" height, is kind of tunic length. 

I found the tunic length too long for me, so just didn't adjust the height on the shirt length for the perfect fit.

The tunic length would come half way down my thighs, so would be more of a short dress than what I see as a tunic - which is perfectly fine.  But lacking an easy access fabric amount(aka fabric I already had), shirt length it was for my second Breeze!

The other options the Breeze includes are:
- Short, Flutter, or long sleeves
- Shirt or tunic length
- Straight or curved hem
- Option for split hems and sleeve tabs
- Optional back elastic for shaping

So I opted for: Shirt length, Curved hem, Flutter sleeves.

I used some shirting fabric I'd been gifted from my mother-in-law's sisters stash when she recently downsized her home (win-win for my sewing room stash!),  It's a nice light fabric, and really is quite comfortable and I adore the sleeves and neckline! 

The back I opted to keep without the elastic, and I like the looser look on this particular top. 

As you can see, it even hugs my hips nicely without being too tight.

The shirt is mainly measured by the bust, and I graded down to my hip size for the perfect fit.  It ranges from bust measurement 30" to 51.5" as a reference. 

As you can see, when my arm is straight down at the sides, the flutter sleeve looks like a normal sleeve, but once the arm moves, the sleeve flutters!  I find this sleeve gives the shirt a very feminine look.

Overall, the sewing experience was simple - the instructions are easy to follow with detailed pictures and even video tutorials for those of us who are REALLY visual! 

You even get the chance to sew French Seams (which really aren't that scary, and give a finished look inside) - so making your clothing look that much more professional.

The Breeze isn't just for women though - it's for Children, Women, AND Men! 

If you haven't sewn up Twig + Tale Patterns before, this is a great intro into a year round comfortable feeling top that is simple to grade to size and fits like a nice comfortable mitten.

And get $3 off your first purchase (minimum cart of $10 after discount) by clicking here!

Sew On!

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  1. Thanks for helping us test crystal - loving your breeze xx