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Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Sewing Pattern Hack: The Emma Top - Barbie Style!

I'm trying to learn how to properly downsize 18" doll patterns to fit Barbie, as there are so many cool patterns out there that I'd like the extra challenge. 

This is my second pattern I've downsized, and am happy with the fit so far.

The Rebecca Page Emma Top/Dress comes in 18" doll size, which I in turn customized the pattern by reducing it to 60% of its regular size. 

The pattern pieces are tiny, but easy enough to work with. 

And this top/dress is the perfect Barbie pattern, as it doesn't  have to be closely fitted (aka bust to waist) or require a doll version of a full bust adjustment! 

I used some scrap rayon/crepe type fabric from a dress that never quite fit me, but seemed perfect for a mini-Emma top! 

The sash definitely helps bring the Emma Top into the Barbie Zone, giving her a nice peplum top that happens to match with the skirt Barbie came in!

The back collar wasn't as difficult as I thought it was going to be to sew up - just remember to use your iron and a lot of steam to keep the seams flat and make topstitching easier.

The collar buttons up with a plain metal snap I sewed on by hand, and the keyhole opening at the back lays flat and looks just as good as it does on my own Emma top!

Overall, I feel between 60-50% shrinkage on the 18" doll clothing patterns might just work for Barbie - but I'll keep testing to determine the most flattering 18" to Barbie patterns over time.

Sew On!

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