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Saturday, 4 August 2018

Sewing Pattern Review: Rebecca Page's Eloise

The Eloise - another Rebecca Page Patterns creation put together with thought and whimsy. 

This pattern includes:
- Newborn to 12 year old sizing
- XXS to 5XL sizing
- 18" Doll version
- Elastic casings or Shirring to give a unique look to each sew
- Elastic, shirred, or loose sleeves 
- 3/4 length or short length sleeves
- Flowy Knit or Woven fabrics can be used
- Top or dress length (mid thigh, midi, or maxi)



For my first top, I used random really light woven linen from my mother-in-law's sister's stash she gave to me a few months back.  Who knows how old this fabric is...

I sewed this up in my normal medium, but felt I didn't have to grade just due to the shape of the top.  

The shirring was neat to do - in  a different manner than I shirred previously with my Monte Carlo Top.  

But it was actually easy - so don't be scared of trying a new technique!  I just adjusted the tension so it was a higher number on my machine, and kept everything else the same.  I put light tension on the fabric as it was headed towards the needle, and voila - 3 lines 1/4" apart of lovely shirring for the neckline and waistline. 

Besides the shirring, so rest of the top was a breeze and went by quickly. 

The look of the top *is* to be oversized, and off the shoulder. 

My second top I made from a fun medium silky fabric that was a cinch to sew up. 

The shirring I made tighter, and the top I sized down to Small for a less-off-the-shoulder look.

I really like this look - and the first night I wore it out, I got compliments from several people - winner!  

I like the flow of the sleeves - they're not too billowy, and perfect for warmer weather.

 And as you can see, they pair well with jeans, skirts (like my Paige Pencil Skirt), and even casual pants, like my Pippas 


I love how the shirring looks on this top - I think I have this technique down now!  I love how Rebecca Page Patterns challenge me in some way - and hone in my sewing skills.  The instructions are great too - like someone holding your hand as you sew, making sure you don't miss a step. 


Then I made the 18" doll version of both the Eloise Top and Maxi Dress.  I didn't even need instructions at this point, as I'd memorized the Eloise pattern steps by this point - it's THAT easy! 


The dress is the perfect length for this doll - I'll call her, "Stella," after one of my nieces. 

The top is a great scrap buster, and stays on Stella without any issues. 

Just make sure to iron the hem after sewing up the top to flatten it down, and it looks store bought. 

So, if you'd like a flattering fun top and to learn a new sewing technique (or refresh your old technique), Eloise is for you!  

Oh, and I ALSO sized down the 18" Doll Pattern to 60% of the original size, and I bring you Barbie sized Eloise!!  Isn't it pretty??

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