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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

My review on Nature's Rite: Muscle Honey - Instant Pain Relief!

I work out regularly, sit at a desk all day, and am young with a worn out feeling body at times.  For life’s normal pains and strains, I:


-          Go to the Chiropractor regularly

-          Have been a regular massage client

-          Have lived off of Robaxacet on and off to relieve pain

-          Take a lot of baths (and in turn, make my own bath bombs)

-          Practice Yoga


These methods don’t always work, leading to the dreaded stinky Muscle Relief Gel that smells like strong grossness. It works, but is WAY too obvious to others (aka scent), therefore is a nighttime relief vs daytime assistance.


Nature’s Rite Muscle Honey Gel has been a surprisingly useful and relieving sports gel that takes the cooling and almost instant relief effect of stinky gels, but without the smell or obviousness to others that I’m a) in pain, and b) using a pain relief gel.



It’s manufactured in the United States, and full of natural ingredients, such as:

-          Witch Hazel

-          Peppermint Leaf

-          Juniper Berry

-          Willow Bark

-          Ginseng

-          Devil’s Claw

-          Marjoram

-          Arnica Montana

-          Comfrey


These natural ingredients allow for the repair, relief, blood circulation, and lubrication of the joints and tissue, allowing for both a comfortable workout and post workout relief. 


I normally use it after a workout or after a long day at work to help ease the excessive pain in my shoulders and neck – and even used it the other day to relieve the pain in my thighs from a killer squat/lunge workout!


Only a little amount of the gel is required for effectiveness – it rubs in quickly, and dries within a minute or so without a greasy or dry residue on the skin.  Within a minute, I can feel the tingly peppermint leaf starting to dig into my muscles, and relief quickly follows!  True Story!


Overall, I was initially surprised at the quick relief that this gel provides, and will definitely keep it as a natural remedy in our home and would recommend Muscle Honey to anyone feeling life’s pains or anyone leading an active lifestyle.

Thursday, 6 October 2016

My Lean 180 Weekly Trial Review

As you guys know, I have been Meal Prepping since May 2016, with quite a bit of success.

It is always nice to be able to Level and push for a little bit more in results and overall well being.

Lean 180 is one way to do this.

Included in Your Get Lean Kit:
  • 180 Muscle Mix - A protein shake mix to help lose weight, build muscle, and feel satisfied
  • 180 Burn - a capsule that will help maximize fat burning throughout the entire day.
  • 180 Cleanse - a capsule that helps detox your body
This Kit is to be used for 30 days, and it will:
  • Help curb your appetite 
  • Fire up your metabolism 
  • Give you energy 
  • Nourish your muscles
  • Help you shed pounds

The Weekly Meal Plan:

Wake Up
- Have 2 Lean 180 Burn Capsules with 1 cup of water

- Combine 8oz of low sugar almond milk with 3 Tablespoons of 180 Muscle Mix (protein shake)

- 1 cup of Kashi Go Lean or Fiber One dry Cereal
- 2-3 stalks of Celery
- 2 Cups of ice water

- Salad with unlimited non-starch vegetables plus 2 Tablespoons of Light Balsamic Dressing
- 6oz Lean Meat or Fish
- 1 Cup caffeine Free iced tea

2:30 pm
- 16oz Ice Cold Water

- 1 cup berries & 2 Tablespoons of Light Cool Whip
- 1 Cup Ice Water

6 pm
- 6oz Lean Meat or fish
- 2 cups steamed veggies
- 1 cup Decaf Green Tea

15-30 minutes before bed
- 1 lean 180 Cleanse Capsule with 1 cup of water


Here's my Daily Diary on how I felt during the 7 day trial period:

Monday (Day 1)

I took the 2 Burn Capsules prior to my normal vitamins - apparently it has caffeine in it, but I still required my coffee from Tim's and "wake me up" prescription pills.

Coffee is ok minus cream, so I just had skim milk and stevia in it.

The shake was pretty good - not overbearing in Strawberry taste, but tasty enough to keep my taste buds tantalized.  The aftertaste was pretty generic - chalky health shake feeling in my mouth afterwards. 

I washed this down with water and some North African Mint Tea to calm down my throat and body (I feel a cold coming on).

Around 10am, I opted for one of my homemade oatmeal packs - it is healthy, and I know all the ingredients that go into it are clean.

Then my body started to fail me (no fault of Lean 180) - I've been fending off a cold for a few weeks, and it came back to full body soreness, hot flashes, and sore throat by lunch time. 

So my healthy kale/broccoli/other healthy veggies salad would have to wait, and the uber unhealthy Tim Hortons Chili prevailed.  Unfortunately, their chili tends to help ward off a full blown cold.

And a Honey Lemon Tea.

And another glass of water after lunch.

Then the Kale salad once I got back to my desk.

More water. More tea.

Then home. And Chiropractor. And Groceries (for meal prep that did not happen on Sunday due to cottage weekend).

This week is soup week due to our looming illnesses, so I made Pho soup with Chicken and no salt with fresh herbs.  It was SO delicious!  And probably not coinciding with the 2 cups of steamed vegetables I should of had.

I did have two more cups of tea and water thereafter to make up for it.

And the first Detox capsule.

Day 2

Up 1 pound. Because I ate so badly yesterday?

The Detox pill says it does not have the same affects as other detoxes...I beg to differ.  My body definitely begs to differ!

At least my milkshake kept me full in the morning.  With more tea and water.

And cold is still looming.

Day 3

Oh my god - this detox is definitely unlike any other detox!  My body!

Day 4

My appetite is pretty much gone. I can barely eat the meal plan required.

The toilet gods hate me.

I even missed the announcement that my Boss was going to another department. I love my boss.

Day 5

Definitely the worst detox ever.  Even worse than that horrible Pine Oil I had to take for 2 months - it smelled like pine needles (and tasted the same) so I had a double shot of Baileys each time to help me both reflect the taste and to help me get over the taste. It was horrible. But its effects weren't like the 180 Cleanse.

Diet has remained the same as recommended (clean eating) thanks to my 21 Day Fix and Beachbody Sunday meal Preps.

I definitely don't feel hungry. Ever.  So the combination of the Burn Capsule, detox Capsule, and Muscle Max Shake definitely have something to do with this.

Day 6

I can't take it anymore, and stop taking both pills - I assume it is the Detox capsule, but it could be the Burn Capsule. 

Day 7

I am 3 pounds lighter than I was when I started.  Not bad, considering I could barely eat, detoxed the heck out of my insides, and was sick.


I really liked the fact that the shake definitely filled me up from 7am to my 12pm lunch, it mixed well (no clumps), and tasted yummy without being too sweet.

Eating in-between was tough, but I managed. 

The pills were a negative.  They were WAY too effective and had a weird effect on my immune system.

So I would definitely partake in the shake portion again....the pills not so much. 

They may be great for others, but for myself, it was worse than all the detoxes I have been on over the last 4 years to treat my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. 

Muscle wise, it helped me gain a bit more momentum with my workouts, but a week is not quite long enough to determine the long term effects.

So for the long term, I will stick with my 5 day Meal Prep Beachbody recipes, Sunday Meal Preps, and my 30 minute Beachbody Workouts (I am not affiliated with BB, but after 2 years, I still feel it's an awesome website and the programs are stellar!).

*** I received this product at a reduced cost for my fair and fabulous review ***